No Makeup Needed

When Emily's father forces her to get a job as a makeup stylist for the world famous boy band One Direction, will Emily break the rules and go for love or will she be proffesional and stick to the rules?

I'm really sorry if this story sucks its my first one on Movellas!


21. Drama With The Baby

Emily and Louis hung around the house for a little while until they thought they should head over to see the boys. Once they got over there they were tackled to the ground by the four boys. Emily was in complete shock and being the person she is that always thinks of the worst she started freaking out about her little baby. Louis however thought it was hilarious and burst into a fit of laughter along with the other boys. Seeing the boys again and seeing how happy Louis was, Emily’s bad thoughts were pushed to the back of her head. All Emily could do was be happy, because she finally got to be with the boys again. When the boys had calmed down they all got up and Louis helped Emily up, bringing her into a protective hug from the side.


“So how are you Em?” Niall asked with a kind smile. Emily smiled and nodded her head.


“I’m pretty good, how are you guys?” Emily asked. All the boys said they were good or fine and sent a smile to Emily. Emily looked over at Harry and he was pouting.


“What’s wrong Hazza?” Emily asked curiously. Harry looked at Emily then looked back down, still wearing a pout.


“I didn’t get a cuddle!” Harry whined. Emily giggled then ran over to give him a hug, before moving to give the other boys a hug.


“So Em, why did you call Louis over?” Harry asked being the curious boy he is. Louis’ face immediately lit up thinking of the reason. Emily however started to get nervous of what they would think.


“Ummm, do you wanna tell them?” Louis asked Emily with a massive smile. Emily shook her head but walked over to hug Louis.


“You can, I know you want to” Emily said with a faint smile. Louis smiled excitedly.


“Ok, well first of all Emily and I are now dating!” Louis said happily squeezing Emily into his side even more than he already was, making her giggle and look up at him. The boys were a bit shocked but happy for Emily and Louis.


“Congrats” Zayn said with a smile, all the other boys agreed with a smile.


“That’s only the first exciting thing that happened! I also found out that EMILY’S PREGNANT!!!! I’m gunna be a dad!” Louis yelled happily. Now the boys were really shocked but put on a smile showing their support. Everyone exchanged hugs and words of congratulations.


“Wow, I didn’t expect that” Niall said with a shy smile. Louis smiled down at Emily and leaned in to give her a kiss, they both smiled into the kiss. After being pried apart by Zayn and Niall Emily and Louis asked if the boys wanted to just hang today and relax seeing as they had a break from tour for a week.


“Sure, do you guys wanna watch a movie?” Liam offered as a suggestion. Everyone agreed to watch some action movie that Emily didn’t care about, because she would be staring at her boyfriend and father of her child the whole time instead of actually watching the movie. The boys seemed really excited about the movie, they’d apparently been waiting ages to watch it as a band but they were too busy. They all got comfy to watch the movie, Louis and Emily were spooning on the couch, Niall and Zayn had found beanbags and were sitting on them, and Harry and Liam were sprawled out on the opposite couch from Louis and Emily. The movie finally started but as soon as the beginning credits had finished Emily needed to pee, really bad. She quietly excused herself and rushed to the bathroom. The boys being the kind people they paused the movie for Emily waiting for her return.


“Lou are you guys positive that she’s pregnant?” Harry asked nervously. He was worried for his best friend, as much as Louis says he wants kids, Harry doesn’t think that Louis’ actually thought it through. Louis looked hurt at the question but controlled himself, not wanting to start a fight.


“Yeah, she found out the morning El and I broke up, that’s why Em left” Louis said. Harry nodded and it was quiet for a minute before Louis spoke up, hating the awkward silence.


“Why do you ask?” Louis asked, still a little bit hurt and confused by Harrys comment. By now Emily had finished up in the bathroom and was making her way down the hall.


“Well, we just want you guys to be sure because we love you guys” Liam said sympathetically. Emily heard this and figured he was talking to Louis so she stopped behind the wall to listen in on their conversation, even though she knew it was wrong.


“Ok but don’t you guys trust her?” Louis asked sitting up from his lying position on the couch. Liam, Harry, Niall and Zayn exchanged looks knowing that they were going to have to face Louis with their questions sooner or later and it was better that Emily wasn’t there to hear it.


“Look Lou, we just don’t want you to get so excited and then find out it’s a lie, we know that it would crush you!” Niall said turning to face one of his best friends. Louis looked down, he didn’t know what to say.


“Are you even sure you want the child?” Zayn asked cautiously. Louis’ head shot up as he sent Zayn a glare.


“Of course I’m sure I want the child! You guys know how much I want a child why would you even ask?” Louis said angrily trying to keep his voice down hoping that Emily wouldn’t hear him from the bathroom. But Emily heard everything, she was happy that Louis had said that but started to get upset about the boys reaction to the news. She was starting to doubt if she wanted the baby, she shook the thought from her head and continued to listen to the boy’s conversation.


“Lou we know, but how are you planning to support the baby and Em when your half way across the world?” Liam asked. Emily could feel the tears pooling in the corners of her eyes, she had thought about that a lot and it scared her to think that her child might grow up never seeing their father except for on TV and magazines.


“I haven’t thought about it yet” Louis confessed looking down and becoming less defensive and more worried. Louis thought about all the things he could miss in his child’s life because he was on tour, first word, first step, first birthday, first day of school. It hurt him knowing that he’d be letting not only his own child down but also the love of his life. He defiantly didn’t want to pull out all together because he knew that everyday he’d be wondering what happened to his beautiful child, and he defiantly didn’t want to give up on Emily he knew that would just crush her.


“We know the thought of having a child is exciting but Louis you really need to think about it, it may be best to just wait till later in life. Maybe when our career has settled down a little” Harry said sadly knowing that what they were saying was probably crushing Louis.


“Well what am I supposed to do? I can’t just unimpregnate her!!” Louis said angrily but still trying to keep his voice down. Emily was now crying knowing that the boys had convinced Louis to not want the baby. He was so excited about having a child and now he wanted to ‘unimpregnate’ her. She could never kill her own unborn baby so that defiantly wasn’t an option and she defiantly wouldn’t put her child up for adoption. What if a bad family got the child and didn’t treat them right?


“We don’t know, but since she is going to have the baby, start making plans!” Liam said before leaning back on the couch to catch a glimpse of Emily before she jumped back behind the wall. Liam immediately tensed knowing that she had heard, he didn’t know what to do!


“Umm Emily’s taking a while I’m gunna go see if she’s ok” Liam said before quickly getting up and rushing round the corner to see Emily sitting against the wall hugging her knees to her chest as she cried silently. Liam felt terrible that it was partly his fault for her being this way. He went to give her a hug and pick her up off the ground but she just pushed him off and moved away, she didn’t want to speak to any of them at the moment.


“Em I’m sorry” He pleaded wanting her to forgive him or at least look at him. Emily shook her head and pulled her knees closer if it was possible. He sighed but tried to hug her again to which she pushed him away making him fall backwards a little bit.


“Emily I’m sorry, please at least look at me” Liam pleaded hoping to get something out of her. She looked up at him and just glared at him, if looks could kill Liam would be long one by now. Liam looked down, he didn’t mean to make her that upset, he didn’t think she would hear him.


“You convinced Louis to NOT want OUR baby!! Now he’s gunna leave and I’ll be by myself again! Is that what you wanted? Are you happy now?” Emily whisper yelled before she got up and walked into the kitchen, Liam quickly got up and followed behind her.


“Where are you going?” Liam asked, concern evident in his voice. Emily stopped at the front door and looked back at Liam.


“I’m going home, tell Louis I don’t feel well” Emily said before walking out the front door slamming it closed behind her. Liam made his way back to the lounge room where they were still having the same conversation as when he left.


“Where’s Em?” Louis asked looking up at Liam who looked uncomfortable.


“She said she felt sick and she was going home” Liam said sitting back down next to Harry.


“Is she ok?” Louis asked worriedly. Liam just nodded before turning back to the TV and pressing play. Louis thought that he should probably make sure that Emily was ok, but he didn’t want to seem clingy seeing as they had just spent the night together. After about half an hour of debating whether or not he should, he excused himself and went outside to call her. Emily could feel her phone vibrating in her pocket so she pulled it out of her pocket to see who was calling her. She saw Louis’ name and picture pop up on her screen and debated whether she should pick it up or not, she didn’t want Louis to suspect anything though so she picked up.


“Hey babe, are you ok? Liam told me you were feeling sick. Do you want me to come over?” Louis asked kindly. Emily smiled at his kindness but decided it would be best if she could just be alone.


“Ummm no its fine babe, I have josh to look after me. You stay and hang out with the boys” Emily said as she walked up the stairs and lay down on her bed. Louis sighed.


“Are you sure? Because I can come over if you need me to. We could cuddle if that would make you feel better” Louis said with a chuckle. Emily chuckled as well but shook her head knowing that she wanted to be alone for a bit.


“As good as that sounds, I want you to have fun. Just take the day to hang with your boys” Emily said with a small smile.


“Ok fine, but if you need me at all just call me!” Louis said with a smile. Emily nodded and agreed then hung up.





****Authors Note****

Sorry I’ve been away for so long but I’m back now :) I’m really sorry that this chapter sucks I’ve had really bad writers block!

Love you all <3




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