No Makeup Needed

When Emily's father forces her to get a job as a makeup stylist for the world famous boy band One Direction, will Emily break the rules and go for love or will she be proffesional and stick to the rules?

I'm really sorry if this story sucks its my first one on Movellas!


16. Don’t You Dare Lie To Me!

By the time the boys got back to hotel Harry’s head had stopped spinning and his vision wasn’t blurry anymore. Harry’s jaw had started bruising and throbbing so they were stressing about the fans or paps seeing it. They had to sneak in the back door again to avoid being found out by security and fans. As they were sneaking down the hallway to get to their room Paul came out of nowhere with unimpressed expression coating his facial features.


“Where have you been? And don’t you dare lie to me!” Paul asked angrily as he ushered them into their room, fortunately Paul hadn’t seen Harrys face yet cause he was looking down shamefully at the ground. Paul didn’t need to ask, he already knew where they were and was dreading to find out what had happened.


“Well, we went to try and talk to Emily………” Liam said looking down not wanting to see the disappointment on Pauls face. Paul knew that the boys go behind his back with a lot of things but it frustrates him more and more each time. Harry still hadn’t looked up and didn’t really want to because he was a little bit scared to.


“I told you boys that Emily wanted you all to stay away! Can’t you just try to do as I say? Is it really that hard?” Paul said in a frustrated tone making the boys feel bad. Paul sighed and the boys all sat down on the couch getting themselves ready for a lecture.


“Look I know you just a bunch of teenage boys but it’s not the same as your old lives, you can’t just leave and not tell anyone where you’re going. You have no idea wha-“Paul stopped mid-sentence as Harry looked up. Harry noticed and looked back down hoping to avoid Pauls gaze.


“WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!” Paul yelled, his face turning red with anger. All the boys looked down none of them brave enough to answer. Paul waited for an answer hoping they would say Harry was an idiot and ran into a pole and that’s how his jaw was all bruised and swollen.


“Well what happened? And don’t you dare lie to me!” Paul questioned still waiting for an answer. Harry looked up finally meeting Paul’s angry eyes.


“Well I was trying to talk to Emily but Josh, her older brother got angry and punched me in the jaw……” Harry said nervously, not wanting to see Paul’s reaction he looked back down. Paul stayed silent for a minute or two which freaked the boys out even more. Paul sat on the edge of the table thinking about everything that happened and how they were going to cover Harrys face from the media.


“Look here’s what’s going to happen, you boys don’t have anything going on for the next week. Harry you have to stay in the hotel for the whole week! It can be a punishment as well as stopping the media from making a story out of this” Paul said pointing to Harrys bruise when he said ‘this’. Harry groaned loudly, everyone knew that Harry hated being stuck in a room for more than a day! He loved to get out and hang with all his friends, and explore.


“That’s not fair, it wasn’t his entire fault!” Niall said trying to get Harry out of his ‘punishment’. Paul looked at Niall then the rest of the guys and smiled. This made all of them frown, Paul and no reason to be happy at a time like this!


“Your right, you all snuck out, you can all stay in here with him this week helping his jaw get better!” Paul said before leaving the room and locking the door to keep them there. They all groaned angrily at Niall for getting them all locked in the room for a week.


“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean for that to happen!” Niall apologised before grabbing the remote and turning the TV on. They all sat around and watched TV while Harry iced his jaw. After a while they got bored and decided to do something active. After a bit of arguing they decided on truth or dare because it was basically all they could play in the hotel room they were confined to..


While that was going on Emily was sitting in her room crying, and trying to figure out what to do. She knew that she couldn’t just tell them about the real reason she left, they would just get angry and turn around and leave her. She wanted to tell them but it could ruin their whole friendship. Emily’s dad was out on business trips every second day so he didn’t even know about it yet. Emily decided that she would just relax a bit with some friends today. So she grabbed her phone and called her best friend Lucy.


“Hello?” Lucy asked when she answered the phone.


“Hey Lucy its Emily!” Emily said excitedly into the phone. There was a bit of a pause before Lucy replied.


“What the hell is wrong with you?! I haven’t seen you in a month and a half! I’ve missed you!!!” Lucy yelled angrily into the phone. Emily chuckled at her best friend, happy that she got to talk to her after such a long time.


“Yeah I know I’m really sorry! I need to have a girls day……you’re coming over!” Emily said into the phone casually like it was a normal thing for her to order he best friends around. Lucy laughed at Emily’s forwardness and was just thankful that they were going to have one of their special girls days.


“Ok I’ll be over in an hour, make sure you have food!” Lucy said before hanging up and going to get ready. Emily smiled before quickly getting dressed and running out to the shops to get food for her and Lucy. She brought chocolate, ice-cream, chips, coke and popcorn and they could just order pizza for dinner. She got home quickly and pushed Josh up to his room so that she and Lucy could lay on the lounge to watch movies and eat junk. Emily’s room was a mess so she quickly shoved everything into draws, cupboards and under her bed like she always does when people came over. As soon as Emily had hidden her mess the doorbell rand and she sprinted downstairs to see her best friend who she hadn’t seen in a long time. Emily swang the door open and tackled Lucy into a bone crushing hug making both of them giggle.


“Oh my god I haven’t seen you in forever I missed you so much!” Lucy yelled as she hugged Emily back with just as much force.


“I know! I have so much to tell you! You honestly will not believe what’s been happening!” Emily said into Lucy’s shoulder bracing herself for an hour or two of telling Lucy about everything that’s been going on. They pulled out of the hug and went to take all of Lucy’s stuff up to Emily’s room.


“Wow, this is the cleanest I’ve ever seen your room” Lucy commented making Emily smirk to herself. Lucy knew Emily too well and knew it was all hidden, so she walked over to Emily’s cupboard and opened it. Lucy burst out laughing when she saw clothes pilled everywhere in the cupboard and even some bags and food wrappers. Emily burst out laughing as well, she was a little disappointed that Lucy could see right through her but she laughed it off.


“So, how’s your new AMAZING job going? Are you coping with you crazy, strict, mean boss?” Lucy asked with a chuckle. Emily sighed and the smile that was once on her face fell into a frown. Lucy, being Emily’s best friend could instantly tell something was off when she got a random call from Emily demanding her to come over, so now she just needed to get to the bottom of it.


“It’s ok……bu-“ Emily started but got cut of straight away by Lucy who could tell from the second she opened her mouth that she was lying.


“Don’t you dare lie to me!” Lucy said sternly looking straight into Emily’s eyes.


“Ok well……you better get comfy, this could take a while!” Emily started off with a small sigh.


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