No Makeup Needed

When Emily's father forces her to get a job as a makeup stylist for the world famous boy band One Direction, will Emily break the rules and go for love or will she be proffesional and stick to the rules?

I'm really sorry if this story sucks its my first one on Movellas!


24. Dirty Doctor

When Emily woke up she was blinded by bright lights and the plane white walls of a hospital room. She looked around the room to try and find something to remind her of why she was in the hospital. She found Louis sitting in an uncomfortable looking chair with his head in his hands. She decided that it might be funny to play a little trick on Louis and scare him a little to lighten the mood.


“Who are you?”Emily asked, holding back a smirk. Louis’ head shot up in Emily’s direction and he immediately ran to her side and grabbed her hand.


“Why are you and what are you doing here?”Emily said yanking her hand away from Louis’. A flash of pure horror crossed Louis’ face before he chuckled a little.


I’m not buying it Em the doctor said you’d be fine and that you just passed out because you were claustrophobic and you were tired.”” Louis said but Emily was persistent.


“How do you know my name?”Emily said as she shuffled away from Louis in the bed. The look of pure returned to Louis’ face as he stepped away from her and slumped down into the chair he was previously seated in.


“You actually don’t remember me? I love you, you love me, and we’re having a child together” Louis said as he looked up at Emily sadly. Emily didn’t like to see Louis upset but she wanted to joke around with him for just a little longer. She slowly placed her hand on her stomach and looked down.


“I’m pregnant?”She said as more of a question than a statement. She looked over at Louis with a confused expression.


“And you’re the father?”Emily asked making Louis take a big breath to hold back tears.


“Yes and I love you very much!” Louis said honestly making Emily smile.


“I can see why I chose you! Your charming, sweet, very good looking, quite gullible and hopefully you can take a joke!”Emily said before she burst out laughing. Louis was confused and didn’t know what was going on. He took a minute to put it all together before he let out a massive sigh of relief.


“Oh my god! You scared the shit outta me, I thought you actually didn’t remember me!” Louis said as he ran and pulled Emily into a hug and kissed all over her face.


“NEVER do that again! I don’t know what I’d do if you forgot about me!” Louis said as he held Emily close. Emily let out a little giggle.


“I’m sorry baby I thought it would be funny” she said smiling at him.


“Please forgive me?”Emily asked with her best puppy face. Louis smiled and placed a feather light kiss to her lips.


“I guess I could try, for you! But I will have to get you back!” Louis said with a cheeky smirk playing on his lips.


“But seriously how are you feeling?” Louis asked, becoming serious again. Emily frowned.


“I have a bit of a headache but I seriously don’t remember how I got here?”Emily said honestly. Louis looked at her with a ‘do you really think I’m falling for that again’ look making her giggle.


“I’m being serious I promise! The last thing I remember is some waitress telling us to shut up at the restaurant”” Emily said with a chuckle. Louis laughed a little but wasn’t sure if she was still joking with him.


“Well we were leaving the restaurant and there was a massive crowed and you fainted because you were getting claustrophobic and really tired. You hit your head but the doctors said you’ll be fine” Louis aid with a smile. Suddenly it all came back to Emily and she remembered everything.


“Is the baby ok?”Emily asked with a hint of worry in her voice. Louis thought about pulling a little prank to get back at her, but decided against it. He didn’t think losing their baby was something to joke about, so he just nodded with a smile. Not having the heart to say that something was wrong.


“Good, do you know when I can go home?” Emily asked looking up into Louis’ eyes with a small smile.


“I’ll just go ask the nurse” Louis said as he ran out the door and down the hall to try and find a nurse. After a few minutes he returned with an old nurse.


“Hi sweetheart how are you feeling? You hit your head pretty hard on the concrete you know?” she said with a smile.


“I feel ok, I have a bit of a headache though” Emily replied with a sigh.


“Yeah I thought you would, I’ll go get you some pain killers in a minute. The doctor just has to come in and do some tests and then after that you can go home. Unless something comes up in the tests that should be looked into with more detail” The nurse said with a smile before she left to get the doctor. After a little while a handsome young doctor came in and looked at Emily with a smirk. He had short chestnut hair that looked like cotton candy, soft and luscious. He had deep blue eyes and a dashing smile. His teeth as white as snow and perfectly straight. His skin was a perfect tanned colour and looked as if he’d never had a pimple or blemish in his life. Emily smiled back as she looked over his features capturing every detail, Louis saw this and became extremely jealous.


“So what tests do you need to do doc?” Louis asked hoping there wasn’t many. The doctor didn’t take his eyes off Emily.


“Not much I just have to make sure this pretty little lady has no brain injuries or sprained bones” he said with a wink in Emily’s direction. Emily blushed and looked away avoiding both the doctor’s gaze and Louis gaze.’


“Well could you hurry we kinda wanna get home!” Louis said with a hint of bitchyness as his jaw tensed and his hands curled into tight fists.


“Sure” the doctor said happily before starting the tests. He bent down in front of Emily and looked into her eyes.


“Look to the right for me sweetheart” the doctor asked sweetly, Emily did what she was told and looked to the right.


“You have beautiful eyes honey, I wouldn’t mind staring into them all day!” The doctor winked.


“She does doesn’t she! I get lost in them all the time!” Louis said sternly but with a smirk playing on his lips.


“By the way I’m doctor Bann, but you can just call me Rick” Rick said with a wink. Emily giggled and looked away.


“Lift your right leg for my sweetheart” rick said as he placed his hands under Emily’s thigh and pulling up slightly. Anyone in their right mind knew that what he was doing was no test and wouldn’t do anything. Louis noticed and this infuriated him.


“Does that hurt?” Rick asked trying to hold back a smirk. Emily shook her head and sent Louis a small smile. Rick moved his hands from Emily’s right leg and moved them to the same spot on her left leg. But this time his hands had moved considerably closer to her ‘no no square’.


“And lift” Rick said. Louis couldn’t contain his anger anymore.


“What the fuck is that doing? Your just a perv and I swear if you don’t move your hands away from her right now I’m going to punch you in the face!” Louis shouted angrily pulling Rick’s hands away from Emily’s thigh.


“Excuse me sir but she fell on a weird angle and could have hurt her hip so I’m checking to make sure she still has full flexibility in both her legs” Rick said before placing his hands back on Emily.


“Get your hands away from where she doesn’t want to be touched, especially by some creepy doctor now I you don’t mind we are leaving!” Louis said picking Emily up bridal style and walking to the door. One he reached the door he turned back around to face rick.


“By the way, she’s very flexible! I found that out when I got her pregnant!” Louis said with a smug look as he glared at Rick. As soon as the words left his mouth Emily gasped and turned bright red, hiding her face in Louis’ chest. Rick just stood there with his mouth hung wide open. Louis turned and left the building making his way over to his car, Emily’s face still buried deep in his chest.


Once they got to the car Louis placed Emily in the passenger seat and ran round to the driver’s seat. Once he sat down Emily started hitting him on the chest.


“Why would you say that in front of all those people! Oh My God what’s wrong with you?!?!” she yelled. Louis caught her hands and pulled her into a mind blowing kiss.


“Your mine and he was looking at you like you were a piece of meat AND he had his hands WAAAAAAAAAY too close to what’s only for me!” Louis said with a small smirk as he pulled out of the car park. Emily blushed and looked out the window awkwardly. Once they got back home they found hundreds of fans and paparazzi waiting outside. As soon as Emily saw the crowed she tensed, she was too scared to get out of the car. She grabbed Louis’ bicep tightly. Louis pulled out his phone and texted someone that Emily couldn’t see the name of. After a couple of minutes a path was cleared by Paul and the other security guards meaning that Emily and Louis would be able to get inside safely.


“Thanks” Louis said to Paul once they got inside. Emily was still shaking in fear as Louis led her inside to sit down.


“Hey Em how are you feeling?” Liam asked as he gave her a hug.




****Authors Note****

Sorry about the wait my laptop broke :/

love you all!


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