No Makeup Needed

When Emily's father forces her to get a job as a makeup stylist for the world famous boy band One Direction, will Emily break the rules and go for love or will she be proffesional and stick to the rules?

I'm really sorry if this story sucks its my first one on Movellas!


23. Dinner Disaster

“You should have been there mum it was amazing! I’ve never been so proud ever! I just wish you could be here to experience it with me!” Emily said as she sat in front of her mother’s grave. She looked over to her brother’s grave and smiled sadly.


“You would have punched Louis in the face when you found out I was pregnant, but you would’ve loved to see the photos. It’s absolutely amazing!” Emily said sadly to her brother’s grave as she let a few tears fall from her eyes. It was the anniversary of their death today and every year she would come and spend a couple of hours here filling them in on what had happened that year. She knew that they were always watching over her but she felt more connected to them here, kind of like they were actually sitting in front of her listening intently to every word she said.


“I really miss you guys, Louis sometimes says he wishes he could meet you. You’d love him mum, he’s funny, sweet, caring, and he is absolutely gorgeous!” Emily gushed wiping a few stray tears that had spilled over from the corners of her eyes. Emily pulled a few things out of her bag as she shuffled through it looking for the little pictures of her unborn baby. She knew that it was silly that she took the photos to show her passed family members, but it brought her some comfort, making her feel like they were still there and a part of her world.


“These are the pictures, you can see the little legs here” Emily said pointing to the photo where the legs were. “And the arms here” she continued, moving her pointer finger to point to the arms. “And the tiny little head here” she said with a smile. She could almost feel someone looking over her shoulder at the photos, as if her mother and brother had risen from their graves to observe what Emily was showing them. Emily turned to look over her shoulder, scanning the area behind her but she could clearly see that she was the only person visiting this area of the graveyard at the current time.


“I don’t really want to leave because I have so much more to tell you but I’ve already been here for an hour so I should be heading home, I’m going out for dinner with Louis and the lads tonight and I have to get ready. I love and miss you both so much! Bye” Emily said as she slowly got up. She turned to blow a kiss to each of their graves before quietly leaving the graveyard. Emily drove home and got ready to go out with the boys, having a shower before slipping on a nice dress. Louis had texted her telling her to dress fancy but comfortable, because they were taking her to a new restaurant in town that was meant to be amazing but very expensive. Emily combed through her wet hair and decided just to put it up in a ponytail and put on a bit of makeup.


“Emily, Louis is here to pick you up!” Josh hollered up the stairs to Emily. Emily was almost instantly out of her room and descending down the stairs. Louis smiled at her before letting out a little chuckle. This made Emily feel very self-conscious. Louis could see the doubt in her eyes and he took her hand pulling her into a kiss, before trailing sweet kisses up to her ear.


“Babe, you might need shoes” Louis said with a smile. Emily instantly blushed, handing Louis her bag and running back upstairs to put on her heels. Emily descended the stairs again but this time with shoes on. Louis chuckled before taking her hand and leading her to the awaiting limo outside. Emily gasped as soon as she saw the limo, she looked over to Louis and smiled widely at him giving him a gentle kiss on the cheek. Louis helped Emily into the limo and that’s when she noticed the rest of the boys all dressed very nicely joking around in the back of the limo. All the boys cheered as Emily got into the limo making her giggle. Once Emily and Louis were seated in the limo they drove away going to the fancy restaurant.


“So Em, what did you do today?” Niall asked with a smile. Emily looked down at her lap with a sad smile. She hadn’t told them that today was the anniversary of Mother and brother’s death. She never went out on this day except to go to the graveyard, so today was different for her.


“Ummm, I went down to the graveyard across town.” Emily said waiting for the question she knew was coming.


“Why did you go there? Are you ok?” Zayn asked sadly, Louis grabbed Emily’s hand giving it a little squeeze, knowing why she went there. Emily smiled at Louis and squeezed back before turning to the boys and taking a deep breath to keep the tears back.


“Every year on this day I go down there for a few hours because today is the anniversary of my mother and elder brother’s death” Emily said with a sad smile. The boys were silent for a minute or two not really knowing what to say.


“I’m really sorry Em, you know we’re here for you if you need us right?” Harry said grabbing hold of Emily’s other hand and giving a little squeeze before letting go again. Emily smiled and nodded thanking Harry for his kind words. After a few minutes of mindless conversations they arrived at their destination. The door to the limo was opened and Zayn was the first to step out, there were suddenly flashes of light flooding the limo and outside and yelling could be herd outside the limo.


“Shit” Louis cursed under his breath grabbing hold of Emily’s hand tightly. Emily was a little confused, she surprisingly had not been formally introduced to the public so this was very frightening for her especially when she is extremely claustrophobic. Liam got out next followed by Harry then Niall. Louis stepped out before helping Emily out of the limo, Emily was shocked by the amount of lights being flashed and the amount of people yelling at her. Somehow the paparazzi had found out about the boys plan on going to this restaurant. Louis stood close to Emily gripping her waist tightly, letting her know that she would be fine and that he wouldn’t let her go.


Security pushed through the crowd and made a path for the boys and Emily to walk through. Emily could hear people yelling at them asking who the ‘mystery girl’ was, referring to her. She looked down, trying to calm herself and think of her happy place, she did this every time she was confined in a tight place or crowd. Emily felt someone shove her and she fell into Louis’ side stumbling slightly as Louis picked her up securing her on her feet. Louis clenched his jaw and held even more tightly to Emily’s waist, he didn’t want her getting hurt and was extra cautious seeing as she was carrying their child. Emily clung even more tightly to Louis’ shirt, trying to keep herself stable as she was being pushed and shoved as people tried to get closer to Louis and the rest of One Direction. Eventually they made it into the safety of the restaurant.


“Are you ok? Did they hurt you?” Louis asked Emily once they had been seated. Worry and love showing in his piercing blue eyes. Emily smiled and gave him a kiss on his cheek, thanking him for protecting her. Louis smiled proudly at the thought of being the one to protect her. Once everyone had ordered what they wanted Louis and Emily thought that they should finally show the boys what they had kept hidden for about a week.


“Guys, Em and I want to show you something amazing” Louis said happily as he took Emily’s hand in his. Emily and Louis both turned to look at each other and smiled. Emily pulled the small photos out of her bag and passed them over to the boys who all wore a confused expression. Louis laughed and pointed to a spot on the photo.


“That’s their leg” he said with a smile hoping that they would catch on. The boys all looked closely before snapping their heads up to look at Emily and Louis in awe as they had finally figured out what they were looking at.


“Oh my God! That’s amazing! Wow, congratulations” Liam said, staring intently at the little photo of the little unborn child. Louis and Emily thanked Liam as the boys all said something about the little photo, asking questions and pointing things out. When their food came the photos were handed back to Emily for safe keeping.


“So Em, we are leaving Australia next week, and going back to London because the Tour is over now. And I was wondering if you wanted to come with us?” Louis said with a large smile spread across his face. Emily almost choked on her food. She looked up at Louis making sure he wasn’t joking. He wasn’t.


“Lou, you know I’d love to but what about my dad and Josh?” Emily said her smile fading as she thought about being away from her dad and brother for a long amount of time. The longest she had been away from both of them at the same time was only 2 weeks and she had a feeling she would be staying with Louis for a bit longer than 2 weeks.


“Babe, they’ll be fine and we will be coming back” Louis said as he reached over to hold Emily’s hand. “Please at least come for like 2 weeks to meet my family and just be with me and then you can come back or we both can, or if you like it we can stay over there” Louis asked with pleading eyes. All the boys looked at Emily, waiting for her response. A smile grew on her face as she looked around the table at the 5 curious eyes.


“Well I have always wanted to go to England!” Emily said with a giggle. Louis’ face instantly lit up and a cheer erupted from the lips of everyone sitting at the table.


“I’m sorry to interrupt, but you are being quite loud and it would be much appreciated by the other customers if you could keep it down a little bit please” a lady said from behind Emily. Everyone at the table turned to look at the lady, everyone nodded and apologised trying to be polite. As soon as the lady had left they all burst into fit of laughter.


After everyone had finished eating dinner and dessert they asked for the bill so they could leave. Emily got out her wallet and pulled out the exact amount that she needed to pay for her dinner. She reached for the bill that was currently placed in the middle of the table, as soon as she reached out for the bill it was quickly snatched away and out of her reach. She looked up to see Louis looking at her with a straight face as he held the bill to his chest.


“Louis, pass me the bill so I can put my money in” Emily said with a smile, Louis just held it high above his head and out of her reach. “Pweeeeease” she said pulling her best puppy face. Louis shook his head as he placed some money into the bill before passing it to Niall.


“Why didn’t you give it to me? I’m ready with my money right here” Emily said as she waved the pieces of paper in front of Louis’ face.


“Oh sorry babe, here pass it to me I’ll put it in for you” Louis said with a smile as he held out his hand. Emily smiled proudly, happy that he was letting her pay. She handed over the money and watched Louis as he leaned down and pulled her wallet out of her bag.


“Louis what are you doing?” Emily asked curiously. Louis just smiled before putting the money that Emily had just given him back into her wallet.


“I didn’t specify what I’d put your money in, but I think it should stay in here. I’m your boyfriend, I pay while you sit there and look pretty!” Louis smiled proudly as he placed Emily’s wallet back in her bag. Emily let out a huff knowing that she wouldn’t be able to beat Louis at this battle but she knew that she would make sure he let her pay next time they went out.


“Ok let’s go” Paul said as everyone stood up and tucked their chairs underneath the table. Louis took Emily’s hand as they got closer to the door, knowing the crowd would have gotten bigger and pushier.


“Babe just squeeze my hand if you get worried ok, the crowd would have gotten bigger so we need to move faster ok” Louis said to Emily just before they exited the restaurant. They were instantly met with loud screams of fans and the flashes of many cameras. Louis was right, the crowd had doubled in size and that just made Emily feel sick. As they started to push through the crowd Emily could feel herself getting more and more light headed with every shout from a fan and every flash of a camera. She squeezed Louis’ hand as hard as she could, she wouldn’t be surprised if he was losing circulation. Louis looked down to see if Emily was ok, and just by the look on her face he could tell they needed to get out of there fast. She was pale and had a look of pure fear spread across her beautiful features, it pained Louis to see her looking so scared and knowing that there really wasn’t much he could do. Emily could feel herself getting weaker and her grip on Louis’ hand got looser.


“Louis help” Emily said before she fell tumbling to the ground. She could faintly hear people screaming and yelling but over it all she could only really hear Louis’ worried voice yelling at her to wake up before he picked her up in his arms. As soon as she was in Louis’ arms she completely passed out.


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