My Dark Passenger

When being alone might be the better option than having company


1. Nothing Matters

My Dark Passenger

Is not like yours


He doesn't urge me on to kill

To take a life with cold steel blade


He swirls inside me

Slowly unfolding huge dark wings

Laughing softly in my inner space

Mocking me, baiting me

Killing me, inch by inch

He slid into my head

A dozen years ago

And more

I can't remember now

Who I was Before

He took me, swallowed me up whole

For his amusement

And now I don't know who I am

Without him there to guide and oversee

My every move

I'm lost and alone

So even though he's drifted off

His shade sits on my shoulder

Reminding me

Of all the dark delicious things

I can't forget

He spun me around

With his truths and his lies

Never showing himself

Never stepping into the light

And now he never will

I have to be free from his dark presence

To get myself back

And move into the future






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