When Ruby meets One Direction will it be the perfect happy ending, or will she get stuck in a love triangle...


6. This kiss

(Harry's POV)

I stepped in and smashed my lips onto hers and after a few seconds she kissed back and I smiled. She pulled back and ran into her apartment.(just pretend that he followed her up the apartment block and there is a reception place)I walked down the stairs to the reception. There was a hot girl behind the desk. But she wasn't as hot as Ruby. I walked up to her confidently. 'Can I please have the phone number of the resident staying in apatment number 20?" "Sure, but I just need to see your ID please." She said in a high pitched voice. Yeah she was hot but her voice is annoying. "Yeah" I said and handed her my drivers licence, and looked around the lobby. It looked pretty expensive."Thanks" she said and handed it back to me. I slid it back into my wallet and watched as the lady typed on the computer."Ok,so the number is 87692353, enjoy your day!" she squeaked."Thanks" I muttered as I dialed the number into my phone. As it rung, a group of fans ran up to me a screamed. I bolted for the door and made it swiftly (see what i did there?) back into my car. i pressed the green phone button.

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