When Ruby meets One Direction will it be the perfect happy ending, or will she get stuck in a love triangle...


2. Him

(Still Ruby's POV) I woke up to beeping of machines. Wait, why was I in hospital? Oh yeah, some idiot slammed into me with their expensive looking black car. I was interupted from my thoughts when a nurse informed me that i had been involved in an accident and no-one was to blame. I had also recieved a cut on my wrist and had lost a fair amount of blood and I had to have stitches. I could leave now if i wanted to."Wait can you please call my friend to pick me up? I asked. "Yeah, sure. What's her number?"the nurse replied. "94973648"(not real number).

5 minutes later...

"RUBYYYY" Eleanor runs into the room screaming her head off while people are giving us strange looks. She hugs me."Let's go. You are meeting my boyfriend today." El states. We got in the car. "Ok. But let me get changed first." I pleaded. "Already sorted" she said as she held up a bag of my clothes. I thanked her and got changed in the car. I wiped my face and got out as we pulled up next to an apartment block. We took the lift up to the fourth floor and knocked on room 17's door. A guy with blue eyes and brown hair opened the door. "Hey El" He stepped up to her and kissed her."And you must be Ruby"he said and hugged me warmly."Hi! I didn't catch your name" I said confidently."I'm Louis" he replied. "Come in" we stepped into his apartment and flopped down onto a sofa infront of a massive TV screen. Louis suggested a movie and put in Paranormal activity 3.

Halfway through the movie I noticed an expensive black car pull up. The same one that smashed into me. A minute later there was a knock on the door. A cute guy with curly brown hair and green eyes comes in and Louis greets him."Guys this is Harry, Harry this is Ruby" he says gesturing towards me. "Hi I said sheepishly.Why am i so shy? "Hey babe" he says with a cheeky grin .Where do I know that face from? Then it hit me. Kind of like he hit my car. "Sorry guys I have to go" i said smiling at Louis and El in the kitchen while glaring at Harry. I stormed out in anger. An apology would have been nice. Or at least he could have asked if I was alright. I could see it on his face thatt he knew who I was. Idiot.

(A/N) Sorry the chapters are short. i will try to write more.

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