When Ruby meets One Direction will it be the perfect happy ending, or will she get stuck in a love triangle...


3. Chasing cars

(A/N This is in Harry's POV from when he crashed into Ruby and after she left Louis' house:)

I was driving down the street on my way to Niall's house. I looked down at my phone and saw that I had one new message from him. I unlocked my phone, my eyes flitting up at the road for a few seconds while I texted Niall:'On my way'. I sent the text and looked up from my phone putting it down. I slammed on the brakes when I saw that I was heading straight for a blue mini. My tyres schreeched but I didn't stop in time. I slammed into the front of the car. I was un-injured, but when I infront of looked at the ar infront of me, I could see that the girl who was driving was unconcious. I quickly grabbed my phone and called 000 (I know that it is not the emergency number in England or whatever but I'm Aussie so ha:) 2 minutes later I could hear the sirens of the ambulance coming towards us with alarming speed. Soon enough I was being told I could leave as I watched a beautiful girl being lifted into the back of an ambulance. I wish I could stay and see how she was. As I reversed my car from the front of her car I remembered the number plates and hoped that I would meet her again.

(Same day 3 hours later)

I had told Niall I wasn't coming over because Louis had invited me over. I felt bad for turning down Niall, but I had promised to go to his house tomorrow. I arrived at Louis door and knocked on it. I heard voices from inside. I could hear Louis and El's voices but there was another voice quite like Eleanors. 2 seconds later Louis appeared at the door and I could hear feminine voices laughing, I tried to look over Louis' shoulder to get a glimpse of the second girl, but I was interupted when Louis waved his hand infront of my eyes saying "EARTH TO HAZZA" I snapped out of whatever 'trance' I was in and Louis breathed a sigh of relief "Thought I lost you for a second there" He laughed. As he turned and let me in to his house, I walked in and saw her. She was around the same height and figure as El but with straight black hair and ice blue eyes. She reminded me of the girl in the accident. She had some sort of bandage on her wrist though and I couldn't help but wonder why. "Hi" she said shyly. Why was she so shy? She was beautiful. I decided to start flirting. "Hey babe" I said and grinned. She blushed. 5 seconds later a look of confusion crossed her face then she stood up thanked Louis and Eleanor, smiled at them and turned to me. I thought she would smile as well, but when she gave me a death glare I was shocked. What had I done? She walked out the door gracefully and I couldn't help but stare. Why had she glared at me? Louis spoke"What's wrong haz?" "Nothing" I said flatly as I watched her make her way to an electric blue mini like the one I crashed into. I looked at the number plates, BLC*152 just like the car I crashed into... WAIT WHAT!!!??? That was why she seemed so familiar and why she glared at me. I have to follow her and apoligize. I too thanked Lou and El walked out the door and reached my car. She was still in sight so I, (carefull not to crash AGAIN) followed her back to a VERY nice apartment block. I grabbed my Jack Wills hoodie icase of any fans hanging around and quietly followed her up the apartment block.

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