Unbroken Love

20 year old Kyla Wood, lives at home with her Mum, she goes to college, her Best Friend Clara comes to her college and she meets her childhood best friend there


5. (5)Weekend at last!

Kyla’s P.O.V

I woke up to a sleeping Louis, me lying on his chest, I wanted to stay like that forever, but my thoughts got interrupted by a text from my mum and my best friend Clara,

Mum> Where r u?

Kyla> Oh sorry forgot to tell u, I’m at Niall’s place with him and his friends.

Mum> ok


Clara> hi Kyla I’m going to the same college as you

Kyla> Gr8 I’ll call u l8r!


Louis P.O.V

I woke up with Kyla lying on my chest playing angry birds; she looked up at me and smiled. “Good morning love” I say starting the conversation, “oh sorry did I wake you? But I’m great thanks” she says, “not at all” I say making her smile. “Hey Louis, why don’t we all go to the beach today and I will bring my friend Clara along?” she asks me. “That sounds great love” I reply. “I will go call Clara now and tell her, ok?” she tells me.

Kyla gets up and I check her out, I lay down watching the still roof and think to myself, lots of things go through my head, mostly about Kyla when my thoughts are  interrupted by Niall and Harry running down the stairs, Niall going to Kyla and Harry running and jumping on top of me. “Hey Harry, today we are all going to the beach and Kyla is bringing her friend Clara.” I tell him, “Great, so what’s been happening?” He asks, I respond saying “nothing much.” “Do you fancy Kyla?” he says quietly, I feel my cheeks starting to burn up and I whisper “maybe a little”, “oohhhh Louis likes Kyla!” he yells at the top of his voice repeatedly.

Kyla’s P.O.V

“Louis likes Kyla, Louis likes Kyla…!” I heard Harry screaming from the lounge room, Niall looks at me and says “do you like him to?” “How could I not like him he is so perfect?” I say back. I start to blush as Harry keeps saying it, I can hear Louis trying to tell him to shut up but Harry is refusing, “Kyla likes Louis, Kyla likes Louis…!” Niall shouts back, “GO AWAY NIALL!” I yell at Niall and he immediately stop and he and Harry run away like little kids, I turn around to start cooking some breakfast when two strong arms grab my waist and whispers in my ear “so you do like me?” “so you like me?” I whisper back, I grab a little bit of pancake mix on my finger and wipe it on Louis’ face, I slip away and start running, Louis grabs me and I turn around now my hands are on his arms, we look in each other’s eyes we both lean in, our lips touch and there are fireworks.

We both kiss for about 30 seconds, we pull away and smile, I start to blush and look down, Louis hand reaches my chin and he lifts my head up and kisses me softly and kisses me on the lips again. More sparks come, we pull away and I break the silence saying “so are we together now?” “I guess so” he replies trying to hide his excitement, I giggle a bit a dip my finger in the pancake and wipe it on his face, he chuckles and grabs more pancake mix, takes off my beanie and puts it in my hair, “Louis!” I whine and punch him playfully on the arm.

Harry’s P.O.V

The boys and I run into the kitchen, Louis and Kyla were kissing passionately. Zayn gives a wolf whistle and Louis shoots him a death stare and Kyla giggles, I say “Having fun?” “Lots, until you interrupted” Kyla says cheekily, everyone bursts out laughing, lying on the ground in fits of laughter. “so you two are official now?” Niall asks, “I guess so” Louis says giving Kyla a hug.

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