Unbroken Love

20 year old Kyla Wood, lives at home with her Mum, she goes to college, her Best Friend Clara comes to her college and she meets her childhood best friend there


3. (3)Numbers

 Louis’s P.O.V

She turned her head down so we couldn’t see her blush but I did and she knows it, “so, will we be seeing each other more?” Harry says to Kyla. She turns her head up at Harry and says “well Niall and I are in all the same classes, so if you are in all the same classes as Niall then we will be too.” “Well Kyla it’s very unfortunate you’re in the same classes as us because we are crazy!” I say embarrassing myself. She looks at me and lets out a giggle as do the rest of the boys.

“Kyla would you like it if I showed you around the school?” I asked hoping the answer would be yes. “I would love that” she says. “Shall we?” I turn and reach out my hand for her to grab it, and she does. “You two have fun” Harry yells and laughs as the other boys do too, so I scream back “we will, don’t you worry I will give you the details when we come back!”  I say turning to look at Kyla giggling at me.


Kyla’s P.O.V

I stop giggling and walk along with Louis, listening to his charming voice, holding is arm. Louis turns to me and stops and says “The boys and I would love it if you came around to our place and have a movie night with us tonight?” He asks me a bit nervously. I look into his beautiful blue eyes and say “I will come if you… if you can catch me” I say starting to run away from Louis heading in the direction we came from.

I thought I had lost him as I walked around a corner, he popped up in front of me but I turned and started to run, I ran almost all the way to where I first met Louis, but then a pair of strong arms grabbed my waist and pull me his arms and hugs me playfully, I turn to look at him, both giggling, I lean up and whisper in his ear, “ok, you got me, give me your number so I can text you when I’m coming.” “Ok, you put yours in mine and I’ll put mine in yours” he says handing me his phone. We both put our numbers in and take a photo of us with goofy faces, and hands each other’s phones back.


Sorry about the short crappy chapter <3

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