Unbroken Love

20 year old Kyla Wood, lives at home with her Mum, she goes to college, her Best Friend Clara comes to her college and she meets her childhood best friend there


31. (30)Morning!

Hi lovelys... i am SO SO SO SO sorry that i havent updated... i lost the chapters i wrote, i have writers block,cant be bothered and just dealing with school stuff, u know how it is :( plz comment if u still read this, and i know this is gonna be crap coz i have writers block and cant remember what i wrote

Kyla's POV

"Kye, honey wake up" I heard a female voice, I opened my eyes and looked around the room and then I saw my mum standing at my door,

"Where is Lou?" I asked worried.

"Didn't he tell you? He has gone for a quick interview at a radio station with the boys" she said walking and sitting on the bed.

"ok, so I might go now, I have to go shopping and pop in to see Niall and Lydia to pick up some of my stuff that Lyds borrowed, busy busy day" I said slapping my hands together like mum always does. I hopped up and grabbed my phone and bag of presents, I bent down and a pack of condoms fell out, Harry got that for me and Lou as a joke, but i felt extremely embarrassed as I picked it up.

"bye bye mummy" I said kissing her cheek "wait did Louis take my car?"

"Yes" she nodded as i walked out the door, I got outside and just started slowly walking. "what up sexy" a raspy voice said pulling up. I ignored and kept walking. He hopped out of the car and started walking, I picked up the pace, arms wrapped around my mouth and I screamed, I turned and saw... Lydia and Dillon... (Dillon is Lydia's friend who is gay and they just hang out and that)

"What the fuck Dill !" I said hitting him,

"come on I'll take you home sweetie" he said pulling me along.


"tanks Dillon, and Lyd, I will see you later" I said kissing their cheek,

"no prob Kye" I ran inside and hopped in the shower, I let the water stream down my hair and washed myself.


I chucked on some sweats and louis' jumper, and took Louis' car to the shops.


I walked in and went to aldi, and started to shop.


*1 hr later*

I walked in the door with the last bags and put them in the kitchen, I started to unpack them straight away when i heard keys rattle, I popped my head around the corner and saw Louis, Zayn, Niall Harry and Liam walk through the door.

"Well hello there boys" i said waving

"Hi Kyla" they all yelled and ran into the kitchen,

"so i dont get a hug" they all jumped and gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek, Louis came up to me shortly after and gave me a big sloppy kiss.

"hey Baby, I love you" he said hugging me,

"and you sir, i love you too" i said kissing him back, "and no eating all the food boys, but first help me unpack I said hitting Liam to get moving.

*later that day*


Cheyenne's POV

"Harry tell Niall and louis that Kyla and I are having a girls night at Nialls house and staying the night so you boys can stay at Lou and Kye's, but Kye said DONT TRASH THE HOUSE!" i exclaimed "Ok I love you" "love you too bye"

Harry hung up and I went outside to meet Kyla.

We got to Lydia's and we walked in "heyyyyyy chicks" she yelled from the kitchen, we ran in and took a look at what she was making,

"What you making there aye?" i said

"Oh you know just some penis's" she said smirking a little.

"You what?" Kyla said,

"I said making cookies" Lydia said starting to laugh, she put them into the oven and she walked us into the living room where the tv was on with a paused movie and a double mattress, tonight was going to be fun...


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