Unbroken Love

20 year old Kyla Wood, lives at home with her Mum, she goes to college, her Best Friend Clara comes to her college and she meets her childhood best friend there


23. (23) Doctors appointment

A week later

Kyla's P.O.V

Cheyenne and Harry invited, me, Louis, Lydia, and Niall over, so we could all hang together and go on a triple date, I don't think that's gonna happen, I keep waking up, every morning, doing the same thing, lately it has been Lyds holding my hair back, for some odd reason, it has brought us closer.

"hey chick, (she calls me chick, or chicky) I really think, Chey, you and me should go to the doctors and get you checked up" she said handing me a towel, "ok, Lyds, can you book it please" I said hugging her, "sure chicky" she said and walked away while I stayed and had a shower.

"hey, boys we are going out for a bit, see you soon" I said pointing to the girls and kissing Louis on the cheek, "miss you" Niall cheeseily yelled out, we hoped in the car and drove silently.


"miss Wood" the doctor came out, I hugged the girls "good luck chick" Lydia said, "you'll be fine" Cheyenne said.

We got in the room, (just do it like this it will be easier)

Dr Rigby- lift your top please

I lifted my top so he could put the stethoscope over my heart.

Dr Rigby- have you had sex in the past few weeks?

Me- yeah, like four weeks ago

Dr Rigby- I just might run some test

Me- ok


Dr Rigby- ok Miss wood, we got the results back on the pregnancy test, you are 4 weeks pregnant, you will come back in about four to five weeks to get your first ultrasound and to find out the gender of the baby, of you would like.

Me- thank you so much doctor

He told me stuff to be careful, and all this other stuff, I walked out and over to the girls, I walked over to them "and?" Chey said, "I'm pregnant, four weeks" I said hugging them, they jumped around all excited. "can we tell the boys at dinner tonight, and invite Zayn and Liam?" I asked to anyone, "sure chicky."

In the car I told them everything that the doctor told me.

We arrived home and we walked in, the boys were being stupid and wrestling when we walked in, they just looked at us, "uh hi babe" Harry said to Chey, we just laughed, Lyds jumped on top of them and yelled "stacks on Niall" they laughed and all stood up.

"Us girls are going to invite Liam and Zayn tonight, they probably feel left out" I said winking at Cheyenne, "ok" Louis said snaking his arms around my waist.
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