Unbroken Love

20 year old Kyla Wood, lives at home with her Mum, she goes to college, her Best Friend Clara comes to her college and she meets her childhood best friend there


22. (22) I feel sick, really sick, but I'm hungry!

A few weeks later

Louis' P.O.V

"oh, Kye where are you going?" I asked as she hurriedly got out of bed, she didn't reply, "Kye" I opened my eyes, she was in the bathroom crouched in front of the toilet, spewing. I walked over and held her hair back, she punched me and pushed my chest, to tell me to go away but I won't go.

A couple minutes later, she had finished and was washing her face, "honey are you sure your ok?" I asked her, she nodded. "let's get brekky" she said, we walked down stairs to the kitchen we made fruit salad, I ate most of it.


Kyla's P.O.V

"coming" I yelled, "hey honey" Cheyenne yelled. I let her in and we talked about our life's and Girly stuff...
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