Unbroken Love

20 year old Kyla Wood, lives at home with her Mum, she goes to college, her Best Friend Clara comes to her college and she meets her childhood best friend there


21. (21)A shower to clean my cut

I woke from a deep sleep, my mum lying next to me, my shoulder strapped, I remember everything and I hope that would change, but it really won't, it's scarred me to deep, mentally and physically. Wait where was Louis, he was probably gone, who would want to stay with me in my messed up life.

I shook my mum lightly, her eyes fluttered open, she saw me wiping my tears away, "honey what's wrong?" She asked using her thumb to wipe my tears away, "he's gone mum, why would anyone want to be part of my messed up life" I said hugging her, "honey not sure if you remember much after you passed out but Louis would never leave you." Louis walked in and came straight to me, "I thought you left me" I cried into his shoulder, "I would never do that" he said and wiped my tears away.

A nurse came in to change my bandage, the cut was long and had stitches on it, she told me when I leave here go have a shower and lightly wash the cut, blah blah blah. She left and Louis returned with some lunch, I dug straight into it, "so when can I leave?" I asked Louis, "uh in about an hour or so"

*an hour later*

"Goodbye mum, I will call you later tonight and if anything is wrong call Louis or I" I said giving her a kiss and a hug, "don't worry" she said and left, Louis flagged us a taxi. We got home and was welcomed by, Harry, Cheyenne, Niall, Lydia, Zayn and Liam, "hey" I said running towards, Cheyenne first, as we were besties and then to Lydia, who was a really close friends but still had a lot to learn about each other, and the boys.

They stayed for an hour and then left. "Louis the nurse told me to have a shower and clean the cut, wanna come" I said whispering the last bit in his ear, "sure" he said taking my hand, we walked to the bathroom and got undressed and hopped in the shower, Louis stood behind me, and was helping me wash 'the cut' being careful, Louis and I started kissing, I turned around and he lifted me up against the wall, he entered me, and kept going until we hit our highs. I turned of the water grabbed a towel a wrapped it around me, Louis helped bandage my shoulder, and we went to sleep after calling my mum first.
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