Unbroken Love

20 year old Kyla Wood, lives at home with her Mum, she goes to college, her Best Friend Clara comes to her college and she meets her childhood best friend there


17. (17)Don't know what to name this chapter!

Kyla's P.O.V

My ribs are now fully healed, Louis and I are coming up to our 2 month anniversary, we have agreed to go see a movie, we both really want to see pitch perfect. Louis was talking to Harry while I was standing with Cheyenne. Harry and Lois kept looking our way, I was getting nervous, and all of a sudden my legs went limp.

Fell down grabbing Cheyenne while doing so, Louis just stood there watching, until he actually regested through his brain that I had fallen. Harry reached me first, he bent down and hugged me I hugged back and snuggled my face into his shoulder. He helped lift me up, he put me on the lounge and stood back. Louis came over and sat next to me, "Louis, what's wrong?" I said grabbing his hand, "sweetie, you know I love you don't you?" He asked, "of course babe, why?" "Why did you text your mum and tell her don't want to be with me anymore?" He said, "what, I never texted her that, I love you Louis" I said kissing his hand, he looked at me and slightly smiled.

We decided to go to the movies at 10:45 pm, we walked in and we had to sit next to a strange man, I sat next to the man, through the movie, I had my head on Louis' shoulder, and I went to grab my drink, but the strange man grabbed it, I was in shock, he looked at me and said, "sweetheart got her self a boy, hey honey" once he spoke I realized his voice, one that was trying to be forgotten but still stayed deep inside that scar, I flicked his hand of and whispered in Louis ear "run and don't stop till we get in the car" he looked at me and nodded, we started to run. We ran to the car and hopped in, Louis drove back to my mums house...
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