Unbroken Love

20 year old Kyla Wood, lives at home with her Mum, she goes to college, her Best Friend Clara comes to her college and she meets her childhood best friend there


13. (13)Cheyenne and Kyla and Harry?


Cheyenne and I have become really good friends, more like best friends, we know everything about each other, she has become very close to Harry. She and I always talk about Harry and Louis. Harry and Cheyenne have gone out on a few dates.

Tonight Cheyenne and I are going to the boys concert tonight at the O2 arena, it has been about 2 weeks, since I was told that I have been told that my rib was broken, it is still sore but if I take my pain killers then it doesn’t hurt that much, if I turn in certain directions it hurts, it hurts when I sneeze, cough and sometimes breathe.

The security is very careful, especially Louis, if any of them step out of line Louis yells at them. It gets annoying at times but I just know he’s trying to protect me, Cheyenne and I are walking backstage together when all of a sudden, Louis runs into me and knocks me over, he helps me stand up, I am ok just hurt a little. He keeps running.

Paul sends Cheyenne and I to our seats, and all of a sudden all five boys run out on stage and start singing C’mon C’mon followed by Na na na and I want and so on.

Just as they were about to finish the concert, Louis stopped everyone and asked for Cheyenne and I to come up on stage, we went up hesitantly, everyone started screaming telling Louis and I to kiss, we did then it came to Cheyenne and Harry, “ok calm ya farm” Harry said blushing, he leant over and lightly kissed Cheyenne on the lips. The crowed exploded is awes.


Sorry for not updating so often, my brother found my story on word documents and deleted some and wrote stupid stuff on it and he keeps teasing me about it :(, but I am still writing the next few chapters and hope to update soon about in 2 days, Merry Christmas my lovelys , Na-na xx


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