(This is a one direction story)
Everything in Molly's life seems to move too fast. Sometimes she feels like she's going crazy. She spends most of her days locked out and depressed until she finds one of her old best friends.......... Will she find love?Or will she never see the light again?


4. Remembering

Niall's P.O.V
Harry started staring at Molly. Soon I found out he was looking at her necklace. "Cool necklace"I said.
"Oh thanks".
"A friend got it for me awhile ago".

Molly's P.O.V
"Was it in England"? Harry asked.
"What do you mean"?

"Did your friend give it to you in England"?

"Oh yeah my mom got her job transferred to England at the time".

"How old were you" ?

"15 or 16 why?"

I looked into his sparkling green eyes and remembered that day a couple of years ago.

We were in the fields. It was the day before I left and never came back. I was with with one of my best guy friends. I remember he told me,

"No matter what happens I'll be there for you even if you're thousands of miles away ".

Then he told me what no other guy had told me before.

"I love you" he said

He put the necklace around my neck while I sat there in his arms crying.
We spent four years together. I never knew he felt that way about me until i had to leave. And now I was sitting in the same room as him feeling so foolish that I hadn't remembered him.

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