Me & Jai

This is a Janoskian fan ficton! just so you know..

Nialla moved to Melbourne a few months ago what happens when she gets on the train at the wrong time????



3. Table Tennis (Ping-Pong)

(Nialla's POV)

Jai, Luke and Beau led me to a house

"Is this your house?" I asked

"Yeah this is it" Jai said as Luke and Beau walked in front of us we walked into the house it was nice and cozy they led me up to a room that had a sofa and other things lke game stations and a ping pong table

"I love it!' I said happily

"Glad you do" Luke said He smilied at me I sat at the couch when Beau came up to me

"Face me in Table Tennis?" he said that was a term for ping pong.

"Sure" I said we walked to the table and started our game

I won and Beau was freaking out with his deep voice yell Jai and Luke were laughing

I was really starting to like them... I consider myself to have 3 new friends.

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