Me & Jai

This is a Janoskian fan ficton! just so you know..

Nialla moved to Melbourne a few months ago what happens when she gets on the train at the wrong time????



5. Day With The Twins Part Two

-Nialla's POV-

We arrived at The Brooks home
"Where's Beau?" I ask
"With Skip" Jai says
"Where's Skip and Beau?" I ask
"Only god knows where they are" Luke says I giggle
"So it's Just us today" Jai says
"Yay threesome!" I cheered they stop in their tracks ad turn around and look at me
"I'm joking!" I say smiling they just look at each other and shake their heads and chuckle
(In this story Luke has his old hair that was kind of like Jai's but more curly ish just to let you know)
"What can we do?" I ask as we sit down on the couch
"We could go film" he says
"Film what?" I ask
"The channel never mind" Luke says I smile at him he smiles back
"So where's James today?" I ask
"Don't know we haven't talked to him" Jai says I lay down the top of my head scraping against Jai's theigh he looks down at me I smile he smiles too
"Do you guys have Black ops?" I ask
Jai and Luke look at each other
"Who doesn't?" They both say I smile


"No No!" It yell reaching to mess up Luke's controller from his hands to get him to mess up but Jai kills me I growl
"No fair!" I whine
"What's no fair?" Beau asks from in the door way
"Beau!" I yell and hug him
"Hey Nialla how's my baby bros?" He asks
"Good I guess but they don't play fair I tank they had an alliance against me in black ops" I said Luke and Jai high five, I sit in the middle of them again and Beau walks over and sits on my lap
"So what did you and Skip do?" Jai asks
"Filmed, got some good footage though" Beau says
"So what did you do?" Luke asks
"Just some stuff around the streets in the mall I saved gas coming home though" Beau said
"How?" Jai asks
"Skip got arrested" he says like it's nothing Jai and Luke laugh
"Wait your friend got arrested and you don't even care?!" I asked concerned about Skip.
"It's just an over night stay its happened to all of us" Beau says
"Except me" Jai says
"Yeah except Jai" Beau says
"Even you Lukey?" I ask Luke
"Yep, but I stayed with Beau so I was pretty entertained" he says
"What does your Mum think of this?" I ask
"She manages us, like fan site and stuff" Beau says
"She doesn't even care?" I ask
"Not really" Jai says I shake my head
"Ok then I'm going home" I said
"No!" They all yell I smile
"I have too it's getting late" I said
"Sleep here" Luke says
"Here?" I ask
"No outside with slut" Jai says
"Slut?" I ask
"Oh that's our dog Lala but Jai just calls her Slut" Luke says I giggle
"Fine I'll stay" I said
"But where do I sleep?" I ask
"With me" Luke and Jai say
"Good luck" Beau says and gets off my lap and yawns and heads to his room
"Why don't we just all share a bed?" I ask the twins not wanting to choose between them
"Good idea" they agree and we walk to their room I get pair of sweats from Jai and a shirt from Luke
I lay on the bed towards the wall and immediately feel tired when Luke squeezes in beside me and pushes me over more so I'm in the middle of him and Jai. Jai keeps his beanie on and falls asleep while me and Luke whisper
"Why did he keep his beanie on?" I ask
"He doesn't really like getting bed hair" Luke explains I smile and ruffle his hair
"I guess you don't care" I said he smiles
"Yeah I don't" he says
I feel my eye lids falling
"I'm going to sleep now Luke" I said
"Ok goodnight Nialla" he says I take one last look at him and then I let my eye lids fall and a few minutes later I feel Luke's lips on my forehead my heart starts to beat really fast I wonder of he could feel it.

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