Me & Jai

This is a Janoskian fan ficton! just so you know..

Nialla moved to Melbourne a few months ago what happens when she gets on the train at the wrong time????



4. Day With The Twins Part One

-Nialla's POV-

I woke up to someone knocking on my door like 20 times per second I got up and started walking towards my door
"Alright!" I yelled walking towards the door I open it to see Luke and Jai
"Really?" I said they smile and walk in kissing me on the cheek
"You guys suck it's so early!" I whined
"Nialla Hun it's like 10" Jai says
"That's early for me! What do you want?" I ask
"To hang out your coming to our house weather you like it or not" Luke says
"I'm going to go shower don't touch anything don't even get off that couch" I say to them they nod I quickly go into my room shower get dressed in a pair of white jeans and a leopard print crop top off the shoulder type thing and out on some black vans and put my hair up in a messy bun and put in leopard print feather earrings and walked out their mouthes dropped
"What?" I say
"You did all of that in 15 minutes?" Luke asked, I nod
"That's amazing" Jai says as they circle me
"Are you serious it's not that amazing" I said they chuckle and we walk out and they start pick up their bikes off the curb
"Get your bike and lets go" Luke says
"I don't have one why don't we walk?" I ask
"Ride on my handle bars" Jai says I hesitate but then walk over and sit on his handle bars he sits so I can kind of lean against him and we bike to their house.
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