One More Night

(The preview explains a lot)
Christina prefers to be called "CeCe." Since high school,she wasn't "normal." She used to cut and still does from time to time.Now,she's 19 and is in need of letting loose.Her feelings are always bottled up and she feels that she's been cramped in her apartment in New York for too long,though it's only been a year since she moved in.So,she decides to visit London and stay there.
When she goes out to "let loose",she meets a certain blonde Irish boy and when she takes out her friendly side,they get a little TOO friendly.Will one drunken night lead her to the love of her life?Or will she end up falling for someone else?


2. Just Let It Go

 "ID,please."The bouncer said.I showed him my ID and he let me in

 My first instinct was to dance and act drunk,but,that was too risky.I sat at the bar for a while.

 Guy after guy..after guy...after guy...Well,you get the point.Guy after guy offered a drink,but,I didn't think they'd be well enough for a one night stand.

 Okay,I know I sound like a slut,but hey,I want to let loose and that's what I want to do.

 I sat on the bar stool,desperate as ever.I don't want to get a drink until the right guy comes along.Right when I thought I should get up and dance,I felt two hands grip my waist.I would've turned to slap him in the face,but,I decided to keep to myself for the moment.

 "Mind if I buy you a drink?"He had a soft,yet very sexy Irish accent.I let my desperation get the best of me and stood up and turned to him and said,"Not unless you mind if I do this," and planted a kiss on his lips.Surprised by my sudden move,he kissed briefly kissed back and pulled away.

 "A little eager,now are we?"He chuckled.He ordered the both of us drinks and,a lot actually.Turns out,we're kind of alike in some ways.

"Care to dance?"He shouted over the loud music.I nodded and took his hand.We danced with the drinks in our hand,endlessly grinding.

 I turned around and wrapped my arms around his neck. "I have a hotel room waiting for you,"I whispered in his ear. 

 We went pretty fast.Endless making out from the taxi ride,to the hotel room.With each step we took into the hotel,he'd deepen the kiss.He pulled away slowly and for once,he stared into my eyes.His blue eyes practically piercing through my brown ones. "I'm sorry.I never quite caught your name,"I giggled. "I'm Niall,and you?" "CeCe." 

 From the wall,to the bed,to the floor,then back to the bed,we had a..."fun" night and...well,let's just say that I totally let loose this night. 

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