One More Night

(The preview explains a lot)
Christina prefers to be called "CeCe." Since high school,she wasn't "normal." She used to cut and still does from time to time.Now,she's 19 and is in need of letting loose.Her feelings are always bottled up and she feels that she's been cramped in her apartment in New York for too long,though it's only been a year since she moved in.So,she decides to visit London and stay there.
When she goes out to "let loose",she meets a certain blonde Irish boy and when she takes out her friendly side,they get a little TOO friendly.Will one drunken night lead her to the love of her life?Or will she end up falling for someone else?


1. Great Start

 I walked into the large hotel room.Fancy,but not too fancy.I like things simple.I guess that's why I chose London.I checked the clock that hung over the window.

6:00pm. Great,an hour to get ready.

 I walked into the walk-in-closet and set all of my things inside.As I looked through my clothes,I thought about the numerous clubs I would be able to go to this month.

 Finally,I found the perfect dress.Red with black lace at the top.I found the black matching belt and the perfect black heels. (outfit in link in comments)

 I slipped on the dress and stepped into the heels.I walked toward the mirror and checked myself out.If I'm being honest,I think I look hot.I walked back to the walk-in-closet and took out my straightener (It's easier for me to curl my hair with a straightener).

 After curling my hair just so that it's nice and wavy,I applied light make-up.

 I checked myself out,once again,and I looked flawless.

 I walked out the hotel with pure confidence and hailed a cab. "Where to,Ma'am?"The driver asked. "Uh...What's the nearest cub?"I ask.Oh,god.I sound like a total tourist,don't I?

 "Funky Buddha it is,then."He says and motions me to sit inside.I sat inside and slowly waited and listened to the radio.Some boy band was playing.I believe it's One Direction.

The driver stopped at a nice looking club and I could hear the music. "Thanks,sir."I paid the driver. "Any time.You're from America,right?"He asked. "Oh,yeah." "Take my card.Don't want to get back unsafe,now do we?"He handed me a business card and I got out of the car.

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