The Ups and Downs

Hi 15 year old Jenni and now have to move. My parents split when I was 13. I have a younger sister Payton she is 14. My dad got full custody but lets my mom see us every other weekend and on some holidays. I now have a step mom Ashley, and now a step sister and brother. My step sister is Kristi 18 and she is so rude. My step brother Justin is 16 same grade and stuff as me just I have a late birthday. He's cocky and always making fun of me. The usual. Ashley and my dad have been together for a year and a half. They are engaged... Great!!
I have light brown hair that is at my hips and dark blue eyes. I'm really emotional, sometimes, and I have a boyfriend!! That's all you need to know about me:)

Hey just to let you know this book has mature language not for young viewers please not there is mature language. Thanks


5. The Party..

"Jenni?" Carter asked looking confused.

Why was he confused? That's not the worst part he is with another girl!! It makes my stomach turn.

"What I can't have fun? or never thought I could party?" I asked a little rude.

"Uh, no. Just didn't think you would go to this party." He said grabbing the girl he was with's waist.

"Okay?? I see you really care and love me. What for 5 seconds?!" I yelled putting my hand on my hip.

"I do. But you hate me." He said.

"That's still a DICK move!!" My friend Shelbi yelled.

She was always there for me and I told her everything. Well her boyfriend Bailey was too. I call them Shebli and Bebli.

"Thanks, Shelbi. You know!! I thought tonight I would have fun with my brother and some friends. But no you had to come and make this worse than it is!! Please, please, please Carter leave me alone!! You keep making it worse!!" I yelled.

He just walked away. 

I started dancing and having fun again. But each time I turned around Carter was kissing the girl he came with. I guess her name is Anna. Everyone calls her a crack head. I know she smokes, and does weed and has gone all the way. Why would Carter go from me the girl that has never made out with a guy to her. Not to make me sound like a goody two shoes but its true.

"Hey, have you guys seen Justin?" I asked Shelbi and Bailey.

"The last I saw him he was with a girl heading upstairs." Shelbi said.

I was worried.

"Dam! He getting it tonight!!" Bailey said shaking his hand.

"Shut up!!" Shelbi said hitting him.

"I'm going to get him. I can't stand being here. Bye!" I said getting up and heading for the stairs.

"Bye!" I heard them call.

"Derek! Have you seen Justin?" I asked Derek.

He pointed to upstairs.

I walked upstairs and there were drunk kids laying on the ground and people kissing and other things in corners. Why must Justin be upstairs!!

"Daisy have you seen Justin?" I asked.

She and I use to be super good friends. I don't know what happened. She is super pretty and the only one that wasn't busy. (If you get what I mean)

"Third bedroom. Let me come with you. My sister is in there too." She said and we walked to the room.

Daisy and I were the same age. But her sister was 2 years older. What has Justin done?



No answer so Daisy went to open the door.

"What are you doing?!" I whispered-yelled.

"Opening the door. Your still a chicken like before, come on! Want your brother or no?" She asked.

Now I remember she pushed me into something and well we haven't talked since. 

"Fine!" I said.

She opened the door. My mouth dropped, there was my brother on top of Steph. Daisy's sister. I'm not continuing. I don't want everyone scarred for life like I am.

I turned to Daisy she looked pissed and shocked.

"Stephanie!!!" She screamed and ran out of the room.

She left me standing there. With two sweaty people staring at me in shock. 

I tried to say something but nothing came out. I was scarred and shocked. I didn't know what to do.

"Have fun. See you at home. Have fun explaining to mom and dad!!" I yelled and ran downstairs.

That was the first time I called Ashley mom. I wasn't sure if I would tell her and my dad but I don't know if I can keep this inside me!!

"JEN!!" I heard Justin yell. 

I just ran outside. I couldn't look at him. He was 16, and she was 18. Who does that?? I officially know my brother is not a virgin!!

I was now crying and shaking. I was scared, I didn't want to tell my dad and Ashley but I had to. I had no ride and I was cold and scared.

"Jenni? Why are you crying?" He sounded so familiar. 

It was dark and I couldn't see his face. Who was he?

"Its nothing. I just am going to call a cab for a ride home." I said.

"I can give you a ride?" He asked looking at me with big brown and caring eyes.

Nathan. We were best friends until he moved to Australia in grade 2. I miss him soo much. I tried to find him on Face Book but couldn't find him. He was my best friend. I know I'm 15 and was like 7. But you never forget a friend. In grade 3 he came and visited. I never saw him again. I mean I switched schools because of bullying and then moved so ya. 

"Nathan?!" I asked and hugged him.

"Didn't think you would remember me. Jordan told me where you moved to and I had to see you. I have missed you. I tried to find you on Face Book but couldn't find you." He said hugging me back.

"You missed me too? And I did the same!! I missed you sooo much!!" I said.

"Ya I did!! How are you?" He asked.

"Okay. Just annoying step brother." I said.

"Hey, how about we go out and catch up. Maybe Mc Donalds'." He asked.

"Sure!!" I said. 

We walked to his car and drove to Mc Donalds'. 

Xx Love you all!! Thanks for reading. Hope you are enjoying. Let me know what you think. Writers block. Btw this is actually some things from my real life. Nathan if you read this please comment!! I miss you sooo much. I bet you don't remember me. Amanda grade 2. Me and Brendon got in trouble cause we said we would burn the letters from you. I am soo sorry! Please forgive me!! Any way tell me ideas and what you think. If you want to be a character, give me your name, 3 things about you, if you are nice mean Jenni's friend, and age.  Thank you!! Manda:)


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