The Ups and Downs

Hi 15 year old Jenni and now have to move. My parents split when I was 13. I have a younger sister Payton she is 14. My dad got full custody but lets my mom see us every other weekend and on some holidays. I now have a step mom Ashley, and now a step sister and brother. My step sister is Kristi 18 and she is so rude. My step brother Justin is 16 same grade and stuff as me just I have a late birthday. He's cocky and always making fun of me. The usual. Ashley and my dad have been together for a year and a half. They are engaged... Great!!
I have light brown hair that is at my hips and dark blue eyes. I'm really emotional, sometimes, and I have a boyfriend!! That's all you need to know about me:)

Hey just to let you know this book has mature language not for young viewers please not there is mature language. Thanks


3. Brand new me!!

*Jen's POV:

I'm done!! Finished. Broken

I was just going to end it there before I could be broken again. 

But on the other hand I would be leaving my poor mom and sister. She had Justin but she and I were always together, and Justin and I finally were getting close. I would leave Andrea, we were basically sisters when I moved her at 9. There's also my step mom and dad. They may drive me crazy but I love them!! Derek was like my brother and he always protected me. But 1 person had always been there and protected me, he was my best friend. He always said we were going to be friends 'forever and always'. I looked at my bracelet he gave me 3 years ago for my birthday. We have never dated, he always had a girlfriend and I mean I guess I liked him but he would never like me!! Just then he texted me..

'Hey. Are you okay? Blake told me what happened. I'm here.' (Blake was Ty's friend, Carter's cousin and Andrea's boyfriend.)

'Hey. I have been better thanks.' 

"Jen!!?" I heard Payton yell. Then I heard her try to open the door. 

"One second!!" I yelled. 

I stood up. I quick washed the blood off my arm and grabbed my sweater that just happened to be in the bathroom. I brushed my hair and splashed water in my face. Then unlocked the door and walked out.

"Bathroom is free now!" I said putting a fake smile on my face. My sister saw through it.

"Jen. I won't tell but please stop!! Please I love you and need you!!" She said a tear falling from her eye.

"Pay. Don't cry!! I will and I love you too!" I said hugging her.

We walked downstairs to find mum making breakfast. Yum! Eggs, bacon, toast, and orange juice my favourite!!

"Morning mum!!" I said sitting down at my spot on the bar stool.

"Morning girls." She said putting the plates full of food in front of us.

Payton sat down beside me. I dug into my food while Payton took small bites. She always watches what she eats because everyone makes fun of her. They say she's fat. She is a twig!! I eat a lot but never really gain anything.

When I was done eating I went upstairs to have a shower. But first I checked my phone. 

'Good. Maybe we could chill today?' Carter said. He goes to the same High School as me but he lives closer to my dad's. Maybe we could meet somewhere. I mean he has a car.

'Ya! But I'm at my mom's..' I said back.

'I can pick you up and we could go for dinner.' Did he just ask me on a date?

'Ya!!' I said back.

'Okay, I think Andrea and Blake are coming and my girlfriend Stacy. Is that okay?' Great!! Stacy hates me and I don't really like her. Plus I will be the 3rd wheel!! Great!! 

'Ya.. That's fine.' I said not really wanting to go but I want to see my friends. Just not Stacy!!

'Okay. Pick you up at 7:00.' 


I put down my phone and went to the bathroom to have a shower.

*Payton's POV:

Breakfast was good but never really ate that much of it. I need to watch my weight. 

I went upstairs to change. When I was done changing my sisters phone buzzed. I looked at the screen it was from Carter. Oooh!! I opened it. ':)' Thats all it said. I decided to read all their messages. I think my sister likes him. Awe how cute!!

Sucks that he is dating Stacy she is such a Bitch!! Oh well she will get him!! 

I decided to listen to music. Jen and I both have a thing for One Direction. I love Harry 18 and curly hair!! Jen likes Niall. We might be going to there concert this summer. YAH!!!!

*Jen's POV:

I changed into a white tee and shorts. I went into my room and saw Payton laying on the bed listening to music. It was 1:36. I woke up alittle late. 

I decided to curl my hair for my dinner da.. no just my dinner. I dried my hair and curled it into long locks. it was now 2:30. My hair is really thick and long. I got up and went to watch T.V. 

After i watched Jessie and the movie 16 wishes. I went into my room. It was now 5:00 I had 2 hours to get ready. My makeup looked like this and my outfit looked like this

 I checked my phone it was 6:50. I went into the living room. My mom was in there on her tablet. 

"Mom, I'm going out for dinner be back after." I kissed her cheek and went to the door.  

"Love you. And be back by 12." She said.  

"I know. Bye!!" I yelled and walked out the door.  

I got a text.   

'Almost here!xx' It was from Carter.  

'Okay.:)' I sent back.  

He pulled up in his green camaro. Blake was in the front so I hoped in the back with Andrea.   

"Where's Stacy?" I don't really care but I want to know if she is still coming.  

"Uh, she is driving there herself." Carter said.  

"Cool." I lied.  

"So, Jen are you inviting a certain someone?" Blake said. Doesn't he know about the break up. He must he told Carter. As he said it though Carter's head shot up and he looked at me through the mirror.   

I looked at him confused and he turned back to the road.  

"No." I said.   

"Oh." *Cough* "LOSER!" Blake coughed said.

"Jerk!" I said hitting the back of his head.  

"OW!!" He yelled.

We got to the restaurant and saw Stacy waiting. JOY!!

We got out and Stacy ran up to Carter and they started making out. I was throwing up I had to swallow it!! I walked into the restaurant with Andrea and Blake. We got a table and Carter and *Throw up* Stacy came. 

"Look who decided to come up for breath and join us." I said annoyed and mad. Carter saw it on me right away and put on a face so I would know he was sorry. I just turned my head. He sat across from me. 

We ordered food and drinks. I got spaghetti and Pepsi. I didn't pay attention to what the others got. Andrea, Blake and Stacy were always talking. Carter kept looking at me he looked so sorry. 

I went to say something when Stacy kissed Carter. I felt the puke rise. I got up and ran for the doors.

"Jen!!" they were yelling after me. I ran outside. I puked into some bushes.

"Jen are you okay?" Carter was standing there he looked so concerned and confused.

"Uh. I'm fine." I said wiping my mouth and turning. I didn't want him to see me like this. I was crying.

"No you aren't what happened?" He sounded upset.

I turned to look at him. How could he not know? He can be so dump!!

"Hmm. I wonder! You can be soo sweet!! But you know all my secrets and you know Stacy hates me and is a bitch to me!!! How could you date her!! But that's not the worst. You kiss her and make out and then ignore me!!! I don't know why I came!!! Don't talk to me ever again!!! I.. I HATE YOU!!!!!" I was so mad. I ran off. He looked upset I didn't care he was a dick!!

*Carter's POV:

When Jen ran off I had to follow. She is my best friend. When she threw up I felt bad. But then she got mad because I was dating the girl that made her life a living hell. I'm such a jerk!! I was crying. I hurt my best friend and now she hates me.

I really like her. I will have to dump Stacey. I hope she will forgive me.

"Babe? Why did you run after her?! We are together!" Stacey said grabbing my shirt and went to kiss me.

I turned my head and she kissed my cheek.

"Stacey this isn't working. Um.. It's over!!" I yelled. 

"Your a dick!! Fuck you!!" She yelled in my face and then *BAM* she slapped me.

It hurt. But I deserved it.

"Dude. What just happened?" Blake said coming up behind me with Andrea.

"I honestly don't know. Let's go. Did you pay?" I asked.

"Uh ya. and okay." He said walking to my car.

We got in. It was a quiet ride. I dropped off Andrea then dropped off Blake. I went home and put on my music.

*Jen's POV:

I just told my best friend I hate him. I know lost my best friend, my ride, and I'm starving!! 

I got a cab. When I go home it was 9:00. 

"Home so early?" My mom asked.

I cleared my throat and wiped my tears. 

"Uh, ya." I said walking to my room.

Payton was laying on her bed on the computer. Probably on Twitter or Face Book. 

I grabbed some grey sweat pants and a black T-shirt that had the One Direction logo on it. I went to the bathroom. When I was in the bathroom I looked at my face it was all black under my eyes and my hair was in perfect curls. I changed and washed my face. I put my hair in a ponytail and walked out. 

I put my clothes in my basket and grabbed my phone. I had 4 texts. 1 from Andrea and 3 from Carter.

I opened Andrea's. 'What happened? Are you okay?' 'I got sick and Carter was a dick. And no.' 

I opened Carter's. 'Jen I'm soo sorry.' 'Jen please forgive me.' 'I am soo sorry. I will understand if you never want to talk to me again. But I want you to know I'm sorry.' 'Jen please answer. I need to know you are okay.' 

'Obviously I'm not okay. You were a total dick. Never text, call or talk to me again. Please!! It will be better for both of us. Good bye Carter.'

I put my phone down and grabbed my I Pod. 

*The next morning*

I woke up under my blankets with my headphones in. I guess I fell asleep. One Direction always did calm me down, and Taylor Swift always helps with my problems. 

I got up and saw that Payton was still sleeping. I put my I Pod back and checked my phone. 1 message. 

'Jen. I can't promise you anything, I want you to know I'm sorry and I wish I could turn back time. I understand if you never talk to me again, but that won't stop me from liking you.' Did Carter just say he liked me!! Omg. But I'm mad at him. We are no longer friends, end of story. I put my phone down and decided to go spend time with my mom. It was our last day together.

"Morning mum." I said and went into the kitchen.

"Oh you decided to grant me with your presents." She said with sarcasm.

"Haha. Its been a crazy weekend. Sorry!!" I said.

"It's fine. Want to go get our nails done?" She said looking up to me from the couch.

"Sure let me go wake up Payton." I said heading for the stairs.

"No. Just us. We have been together all weekend I need to catch up with you." She said with a smile.

"Okay. Let me get dressed." I said running up the stairs.

I put on a white t-shirt with grey skinny jeans. I grabbed my phone and my purse and walked down stairs. It was 10:00am when we left. 

"Ready!!" I said running to the door.

"Okay. Lets go." My mom walked out.

I put on my toms and went to my mom's van. When we got to the nail place we went in.

We got gel nails. My mom is a french manicure and mine are light blue. We went shopping and I got a few outfits.  It was now 1pm. We decided to go to Sub Way for lunch. My mom and I caught up a lot. She really misses seeing me and Payton.

When we got home it was 2pm and Payton was sitting on the couch watching T.V. 

"Where did you guys go?" Payton asked looking at us.

"Nails, shopping, and lunch." I said walking upstairs. 

When I got upstairs I put all my clothes in my closet. I decided to pack to go to my dad's. He would be here soon. When I was finished packing it was 3pm. I brought my bag down stairs and sat on the couch. 

"Girls your father should be here soon. Are you packed?" My mom asks looking at us.

"Yes." We say in sync. We all laugh and there's a knock at the door.

"I will get it." I jump up and go to the door. I open it to see Carter...

Xx Hope you like this chapter. Comment please and tell me what you think. I want your input. Thanks Manda:)

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