The Ups and Downs

Hi 15 year old Jenni and now have to move. My parents split when I was 13. I have a younger sister Payton she is 14. My dad got full custody but lets my mom see us every other weekend and on some holidays. I now have a step mom Ashley, and now a step sister and brother. My step sister is Kristi 18 and she is so rude. My step brother Justin is 16 same grade and stuff as me just I have a late birthday. He's cocky and always making fun of me. The usual. Ashley and my dad have been together for a year and a half. They are engaged... Great!!
I have light brown hair that is at my hips and dark blue eyes. I'm really emotional, sometimes, and I have a boyfriend!! That's all you need to know about me:)

Hey just to let you know this book has mature language not for young viewers please not there is mature language. Thanks


2. All things come to a END..

"Mom!!" I yelled running to the living room. 

"Yes. Calm down. What's wrong?" She asked. Payton looked scared.

"Justin!!! I think he crashed!! We were talking then he just trailed off and the call was ended!!! What if something happened to him!!!!!?" I was screaming and crying. I was so scared.

"Honey. Its okay. Lets go look for him. Where was he last?" My mom asked.

"Umm.." Derek's!! He was having a party but I couldn't go. "Derek's we have to go NOW!!" I yelled grabbing the keys and running to the van. 

We all got in the car. I think Payton was in shock she wasn't moving just sat there crying. Her and Justin were super close. He made her feel better when we first moved in and they bonded instantly. 

I told my mom the directions and we made it to Derek's. People were still there. It was 11pm. Justin always left parties early. Our curfew was 12. 

"Be back." I said giving my mom a kiss on the cheek and running to the door. I rang the door bell and knocked on the door 3 times. 

Derek answered. 

"Derek where is Justin!?" I asked really upset. 

"He left half an hour ago. Why? What's going on?" He asked looking concerned. Him and Justin were best friends.

"He texted me to call him so, I called him and he said he was driving home and saw a deer but then he trailed off and the phone call ended. I think somethings wrong." I started crying. 

"Jen, don't cry we will find him!! I swear!" He said hugging me. He had always been my other brother. 

"Thanks." I said. 

"Let's go! Devin watch my house!! It's wrecked when I get back, your dead!!!" Then grabbed his keys and shut the door. 

I ran to my mom's car and told her to go home and I would call her. I got in the car with Derek and we drove.

He knew the way to my  house off by heart and we were pretty sure Justin was by the field. It was 5 min from here.

"There's his car!!" I screamed.

Derek pulled over and I ran out. I ran up to the drivers side. 

"Derek!!! Call 911 NOW!!!" I screamed and cried.

There lay my lifeless brother. I was crying while Derek had an arm around me. He was crying aswell. 

The ambulance came and we followed them to the hospital in silence.

"I'm going to call Payton and my dad." I said to Derek and walked out of the waiting room.

First I called Payton.

"Jenni!!" She yelled.

"He's going to be okay. He hit his head and lost a lot of blood and passed out."

"Omg! Me and mom will be there soon." She said and hung up.

Then I called my dad. I wasn't sure what would happen.

"Hello. Jen what's going on?" My dad asked.

"It's Justin. He went to Derek's and was driving home and saw a deer. He quick turned and hit a tree. He hit his head. He texted me. I called him and he was telling him what happened when the call ended. I raced over to Derek's we drove and saw the car." I said crying and not being able to finish.

"Jenni! Is he okay?" He asked upset.

"Ya just lost a lot of blood and is sleeping right now. The doctor said he will be fine." I replied calming down.

"That's good. Me and Ashley will be there soon!" Then he hung up.

I walked back to the waiting room. I saw my mom, Payton, and Derek talking to the doctor. I went over.

"He is awake now. You may see him but keep quiet not to crazy." 

"Okay thanks." My mom said. I think we were all too upset to talk. We walked to his room.

Payton ran to his side and grabbed his hand. 

"Pay, I'm okay!" Justin said in a weak voice.

"Hey." I said.

"Dude that was quite a spill!!" Derek said.

"Ya it was and Hi miss.Anderson." Justin said in a weak voice again.(Miss.Anderson is Jenni's mom.)

"Hi Justin. I'll go to the waiting room. Just making sure your okay." My mom said and walked out.

"J, don't scare me like that!" Payton said hugging him.

"Careful Pay!" I quick said.

"Its fine Jen-Ni-Fer!!" That was my nickname to Justin.

"Well someone is feeling fine!! No 'Thanks Jen for not letting me bleed to death, and for breaking it to dad so I didn't have to.' Nope just rude. I'll remember this! Don't ask me for help next time!!!" I yelled and ran out of the room. I saw that he was sorry but it really pisses me off that he would do that to me!!

I went to walk into the waiting room until I saw my parents talking. I didn't see Ashley.

"Don't be mad at him or Jen!! She was trying to help and he was trying not to hit a deer!!" My mom yelled.

"He wrecked my frickin car!! It was expensive and he knows I don't like him drinking!!!" My dad screamed.

"You haven't changed. It's all about your car and your son almost died!! Jen at least took charge and helped him. You better say thank-you!!" She yelled and stared at him.

"Oh fuck you!! This is why we are done!! And she should of called me right away!!" He yelled and stormed off.

"Mom?" I said while turning the corner. 

"That man is terrible." She said turning and giving me a hug. 

"Justin is like him no sorry nothing. But I'm like him too. Yelling over something small." I said I hated it!!

"Honey. Your like me too. You regret something right after you do it!" My mom said while looking at me in that sweet motherly way. 

"So I guess I better go say sorry." I said giving her a hug and turning around to walk back to Justin's room.

"That's my daughter!" My mom said smiling proudly. 

I walked to his room. I walked in and saw that Justin was the only one in the room.

"Hey. I'm so.." He went to say.

"NO! I am. I had no right to yell. You were just being my brother and I shouldn't of freaked out." I said and sat down on the stair by his bed.

"I'm sorry too. But you should take a pill for that period of yours." He said with a huge smirk.

"Your lucky you are in the hospital and have a thing that beeps if you die. Or I would of killed you!!" I said laughing.

"Oooh I'm so scared." He said shaking his hands and laughing.

"Love you bro!!" I said hugging him.

"Love you too sis!! Thanks for saving my life." He said hugging me back.

We talked till 3 and then my mom came in and said we have to go home.

When we got home I went straight to sleep.                                                                                                           .                                                       ***

The next morning I woke up to my phone buzzing like crazy. 

I had 5 unread messages. 1 from Justin and 4 from Ty. I texted Andrea last night and told her what happened and forgot to tell Ty. I mean I was freaking out and rushing.

I opened Justin's first: 'Morning sista!!:)' 'Morning brotha.'

Then I opened Ty's. The first one said 'nm jc u' the second said 'you there?' the third said 'Your fucking kidding me answer' forth 'Your such a bitch! Prob with another guy. SLUT' the fifth was the worst 'You fucking worthless piece of shit! Go die!!! Its over!!! Fuck you!!' 

We had been together for 5 months. He was such I dick!! Payton and Andrea were right I should of dumped him. I waited 1 year to get back with him and now he broke me. I was so mad. I ran to the bathroom balling. I texted him back 'My brother was in the hospital thanks! and I will take you up on your offer and die!!</3' 

I grabbed a blade and started.

*Payton's POV:

I woke up to Jenni running to the bathroom crying. What happened? 

If it was something bad she would cut herself. I had to get to her before she did!! 

"Jen!!?" I yelled and ran for the bathroom.

Xx Hey sorry guys!! But I needed to leave it like that. Tell me what you think:) Also any ideas? What will happen to Jen?? All coming to you!! Manda:)


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