The Ups and Downs

Hi 15 year old Jenni and now have to move. My parents split when I was 13. I have a younger sister Payton she is 14. My dad got full custody but lets my mom see us every other weekend and on some holidays. I now have a step mom Ashley, and now a step sister and brother. My step sister is Kristi 18 and she is so rude. My step brother Justin is 16 same grade and stuff as me just I have a late birthday. He's cocky and always making fun of me. The usual. Ashley and my dad have been together for a year and a half. They are engaged... Great!!
I have light brown hair that is at my hips and dark blue eyes. I'm really emotional, sometimes, and I have a boyfriend!! That's all you need to know about me:)

Hey just to let you know this book has mature language not for young viewers please not there is mature language. Thanks


1. The start..

I'm Jenni. 15 and honestly I'm so confused. 

My parents were so in love 2 years ago and me and my sister were happy. Then they came. My dad found another woman. He didn't cheat he just told my mom he was in love with someone else. I was 13 and my poor sister Payton was 12 and didn't know what was coming next. Being a teenager is HELL!!! I mean I have a great boyfriend but he's being really weird and rude!! 

My sister has my mom's looks her gorgeous blond locks with her green eyes. She's not much shorter than me. She got my mom's tallness.

Please don't get me started on my terrible step brother Justin! Biggest jerk ever!! He always makes fun of me, I guess we are brother and sister but at school too? My dad doesn't even care! He's my dad!! Ashley my step mom agrees with me more than him. 

My mom barley gets to see me. She only gets weekends unless she's lucky. I don't like it here. I want to be with my mom, but no the stupid people said we would be better with my dad because he has money and a big house and can take better care of us. I hate everything!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        .                                                             ***

"JENNI!! We have to go now!!" My dad yelled.

"Coming!!!" I yelled back.

We were going to my mom's for the weekend!! She lives in the same town as my dad just on the other side. Payton and I share a room at my mom's. It's an okay size I mean we don't stay there for that long. My mom lives alone. 

"Finally!" Justin whined.

I hit him in the arm forcefully! He just wanted us to leave.

"Oh shut up!!" I said giving him a glare.

"It's her time of the month again!! Great! Atleast she's gone." He said with a smirk.

"Oh go to H," I was cut off  by my dad.

"That's anuf!," my dad is really bad with english."Payton, Jenni say goodbye."

"enough.", I whispered, "Bye!!" I yelled and ran out the door with my bag.

I hopped in the front seat of my dad's black truck. 

"I can't wait to see mom!!" squealed Payton. 

"Me either!!" I replied just as excited.

We shut up when my dad climbed in. We don't talk about my mom around him. Ever!

When we got there we said good-bye to my dad and got out off the car. 

"Mom!!" Payton squealed and jumped into her arms.

"I missed you girls!" She said hugging both of us.

"We missed you too. Let's go in and catch up!!" I said running to the door.

When we were inside me and Payton ran upstairs to unpack a bit. 

Our walls were purple with green butterflies. We had bunk beds, I got the bottom bunk. We had a desk and a bathroom across the hall. 

I put my hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, curler, and straightener in the bathroom. I went back into the bedroom and put my clothes in my drawers. I sat on my bed and watched Payton run around the room. I grabbed my phone, it was a sucky slide. I saw I had 3 new messages. The first was from my best friend Andrea, it read: 'Hey. Heard you were at your mom's. Can you hangout tonight?' I want to and she only lives down the street from my mom's. We used to go to the same school but when my parents split up I had to move. 'I just have to ask my mom.' I replied. The other was from my boyfriend Ty. 'Hey qt.' Qt is like cutie. 'Hey. Wsp?' (whats up) The last message was from Justin. Joy. 'Hey. Can you call my cell. I have news!!' What does he mean 'news'? 

"Payton? Justin just texted me that he wants me to call. He has 'news'." I told her. She looked at me confused.

"Call him. I will go talk to mom." She said walking out of the room.

"Okay." I yelled and went to his contact and hit call.

"Jenni?" He said sounding upset.

"What Justin?" I said sounding annoyed.

"Well..." pause. "Dad is going to kill me." He said with fear in his voice. He never was scared something was wrong.

"Justin what happened??!" I yelled. He was freaking me out. He may annoy me but I love him.

"I went to a party and drank a bit and I was driving home and saw a deer.." He trailed off.

"Justin!!" I yelled.


He hung up!! Or did he. I tried him 3 more times no answer.

I ran out of my room. 

** Sorry that was short. But I don't want to give it all away. Comment and let me know what you think. Also give me ideas or tips. Thanks XOX Manda:)

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