To Good To Be True

Kyli is just an average teenage girl on her way to visit her best friend in London. She bumps into someone really attractive with a British accent! Wha could it be?!? READ ON MY FELLOW READEERS!!


9. Chapter 9

"Me I am!!!" Louis screamed. "Im in!" the rest of the boys said. Yay! Im happy now! "ok Il go first...Zayn! Truth or dare?!" I said wiggling my eyebrows all weird. He laughed. hes so cute! "Truth." Loser! "Wimp! but out of the boys who would you date?!" i asked. I dont really know alot about them so i wonder who hes closer too. "Umm I think that would have to be Niall. hes just so cute and adorable!" Zayn said pinching his red little cheeks. "Haha well ok  just make sure i get invited to the wedding! Your turn babe!" I say looking at Zayn. ..Truth and dare just went on prety fun we had so much fun! We didnt do anything freaky like that  cause we still didnt know each other that much.  "Well i should be getting home now.. my moms probably worried sick!" I say checking the time. Its 1 in the morning! "Just call her and say your spending the night! We dont mind!" Liam said. "I dont think-" 'Just do it!"Harry  said winking. I dialed my mom. "hey mommy!! Yeah i had fun! Theyre pretty cool and all that. Yeah hey i was wondering...i know its late so can i just spend the night here? Yeah..ok..alright! Love you!" I say hanging up. 'So i guess im spending the night!" I say. "YAY!!!" They all screamed. "Pillow Fight!!!" Niall yelled as he hit Louis in the head. " OH you did not just do that?" Louis said cocking his head. He hit niall and started laughing until Harry hit him. 'sorry Boo Bear.. I had to!"  and soon it became a war! The teams were Niall Harry and I and the other team was Zayn Louis and Liam. We all ran off to seek hiding spots. "Ok the plan is we each go for one. Liam you take Niall. Hrry you take Louis and i'll take Zayn. You hide until you have a visual and you dont hit them just yeat. Tietheir hands together with a shoelace and take them to the biggest closet in the house. cover their eyes with a bandana got it?!' I say to the boys. 'Damn this girl knows how to play!" Harry said winking. I blushed. "Yeah so dont mess with me on the count of three...1..2...3!" I whisper and we split up. I sneak around the house carefully and i hate my pink bandana in my belt and a pink shoelace on the other side.  i spotted zayn trying to be sneaky but faillng cause i could totally see him and hear him. I quietly go behind him and pin him down like the ol days. before he could se me i tied the bandan on his head and tied his arms. He was trying to talk but i had my hand there so i had an extra bandana andi tied it so you couldnt hear him. I led him to the closet and sat him on the chair and waited for the other boys to come. Finally they came and threw the boys over with Zayn. I looked at the boys on my team and smiled cause we won. We stepped to the others slowly. we all took the bandanas off their eyes and they saw us. 'well well well. didnt think we would beat you huh?" I asked winking. they tried to talk but could. "Uncover their mouth boys." I said smirking. as soon as they did they never shut up. "why?" "How?" "Its not fair!" they all yelled. "Just like old days right?" I asked. Time for some fun!

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