To Good To Be True

Kyli is just an average teenage girl on her way to visit her best friend in London. She bumps into someone really attractive with a British accent! Wha could it be?!? READ ON MY FELLOW READEERS!!


8. Chapter 8


Niall leads me to his car. "So.. where are we going?!" I ask exitedly. "Hmm.. well Targets the closets thing here so i guess there!"He said smiling. These boys are always so happy! "Well Kylie..knowing that your my best friend i think we should get to know each other more yeah?" He asked. "Yeah! I totally agree! Lets play 20 questions!" I shout. We play untill we reach the parking lot. "Well thoses were the most interesting questions i have been asked.." He says. "what? They were fun questions! Its no fun asking boring ones!" I say soon we fill up our cart. I made sure to get chili powder!! YAY! The car ride home consisted of dancing, eating and eating. "Took you long enough!!" Zayn yelled as we entered the door. I managed to giigle at his statement. "well what movie are we going to see?!" I ask. He smiles. That smile always gets me smiling. "Liam wanted toy story but if want another we can do that too!" He said. Toy storry is a good one but.."Do you guys have Brave?!" I ask. He nodded. "Can We please please please please see that one?! I love that movie!!" I shout. "Alright but only cause you said please 5 billion times!" He teased. I hug him. "thank you!" I say pecking his cheek. Gosh i need to stop doing that or hes going to think ima freak!"No problem! Anyways lets go get some food so we can watch it already!" I nod and go into the kitchen where all the boys were talking. They soon stoped and looked at us."Ello!" I say in a british accent. They laughed. "were going to go see Brave! Wanna join?" I ask. They all noded. I quickly grab some food and my chili powder. They all followed me to the movie room. "Ok louis.. close your eyes and open your mouth!" I say. He looks at me weird but does it. The boys cover his eyes. I put some chli powder with some carrots. I put one in his mouth. "Now eat it.." I say. He chews for a while. "That was amazing! What was that?!" He asked riping the hands off him. I started laughing. "Its chili powder with carrots! I told you it was good!" I tease. He snatches the plate away from me and stuffs his face with it. Oh Lou. Soon after the movie was over all the boys looked at me... "Hi..." I say awkwardly. Liam looked at Zayn who noded. "Kylie... we have something really important to tell you..." Zayn whispered. "Ok.. go on.." "Um.. well i havent been quiet honest with you when we first met.. I just wanted to feel normal you know?" he said. "Um.. Zayn your not making any sense..." I say. He looks up and looks into my eyes. "Im in a very famouse band.. One Direction." He said. WHAT? And he didnt tell me?! I could have embarrassed myself infront of them! I look at him for a while. "Why didnt you tell me." I say. He looked sort of shocked. "Wow i thought you would be mad.." he confessed. Mad? "why would i be mad? But seriously why didnt you tell me?" I ask again. "I just wanted to feel normal. If you were someone who knew me you would only want to be friends cause im famouse. But since you didnt know.. I felt like i really did make a real friend. Its pretty hard to explain." The thing is i totally knew where he came from. I understand how hard it is for celebrities. "No i wouldnt be mad because your reason is a good one. I completly understand.. buit know i just totally embarrased myself infront of celebrities!" I shout to change the mood. He laughed. "and how is that?" He asked. "well fo one thing i have confessed my love for food and now you guys probably think im fat. 2 my favorite movie is a disney one. and 3i have a mind of a child!" I say back. "Well Niall has a loove for food. Liams favorite movie is a disney one too! And have you met Louis! Hes a 5 year old!" He explains. I start to laugh. "Ok so im not that bad!" I say. They glare at me. "Sorry boo! Anyways im in the mood for a game of truth or dare! Whos in?!"

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