To Good To Be True

Kyli is just an average teenage girl on her way to visit her best friend in London. She bumps into someone really attractive with a British accent! Wha could it be?!? READ ON MY FELLOW READEERS!!


7. Chapter 7

"Hurry  up clean up this house! im leaving now!" I yell at the boys. I quickly walk to my car.

-Hey! Im on my way! See you soon!- I text her. I find my way to her house and surprisingly its not that far from mine!. I look in the mirror to make sure I look good. Yeah like always! I knock on their door 3 times. Two unfamiliar faces apeared. They gasped. I quickly put my hand over their mouths. "Shhh! Remember! She doesnt know im THE Zayn malik. I want to keep it like that for now ok?!" They nodded. I removed my hand. "Um.. who are you?" One of them played. I smiled. "Oh sorry...Im Zayn... Kylies friend.. i came to pick her up." I say winking them in a thank you. "Oh.. KYLIE!! A GUYS HERE FOR YOU!!" The other one yells. Soon the most beautiful girl walks out. wearing some skinny jeans, with a nice purple shirt, and some converse. Wow. "Oh hey Zayn! I see youve met my friends!" She says walking over to me. I open my arms for a hug. She delevered it. "Yeah I have. There very nice! Anyways are you ready to go?" I ask. She nods. "Ok guys! I love you! see you later!" She told them huging both of them. "Zayn!Dont keep her out too late!! Be good you two!" They both yelled after us. I smiled. I opened the dor for her. 'Aw what a gentleman!" she said pecking my cheek. I think i blushed couse she giggle. I soon jump in the drivers seat. "Ready?" I asked. She looked at me. "Whats wrong?" i ask. 'Oh nothing.. what if your friends dont like me!? That wont be good!" She whispered. I laughed. "Oh Kylie... They will like you! I promise! They are the funnest guys to be around. Just be yourself ok? Trust me on this one!" I say winking. She nodded and reached for the radio. 'what makes you beautiful' came on. I quickly switched it off. "HEY! That had a good beat to it! Plus they sing really good!" sHE YELLED. "Um.. but lets not listen to music i wanna play 20 questions yeah?" I ask. "Oh ok! Sure!" Phew. Thank good. We played for more than 20 questions when we finally parked in the drive way. "wow. your house is huge!" she gasped. "Well with five boys.. i think its a pretty good size dont you think?" I asked. "Its way bigger.." She said still admireing the house. I smiled. "well there is a few more rooms so whenever you want you can stay over! Its no problem." I said but then realised i had just met the girl and i already invited her to sat the night. "Really? That would be cool! I Sleepover!" She said hugging me. I laugh and hug her back. I put my hand on the small on her back and lead her into the house. These 4 phycos were just staring at us. "Ermm.. Hi guys.." I say a little awkwardly. "Zayny poo! I missed you!" Louis said jumping on me. I catch him. "I missed you too." I say rubbing his back. "well whos this pretty girl?" Harry said making his way to her. "Oh! Thats Kylie! The girl i met on the plane!" I say dropping Louis and standing behind her. "Oh the one you wont shut up about?!" Niall asked laughing. I glared at him. "Well im Liam! Im the most responsible out of these goof balls!" "Im Louis! And I LIKE CARROTS!" "IM Harry! And Im the flirt!" "And Im Niall......IM IN LOVE WITH FOOD!!" At that her eyes got huge. "Well nice to meet you guys! And im not really responsible.. I LOVE carrots..but only with chili powder!, And Im not much of a flirt, BUT!! I LOVE FOOD TOO!!!!" She yells. Nialls face lit up.. they looked at each other for a few seconds. "FOOD BUDDIES!!" They yelled in unision. They started laughing as soon as the rest of us did. "Well we know Niall And Kylie are going to be real close!" Louis said. As friends right?! I hope so! "Well talking about food.. Do you want any?" I ask her. Niall looks at me oh no. "Um.. i kinda ate everything you had.. sorry mate." He said. "But! Ill go to the store with Kylie! We can get to know each other more now since were eating buddys and all that." He says. But i wanted to go with her! "Yeah thatd be super cool!" She yelled. I managed to smile. "Yeah sure you guys go ahead. Ill get some movies while you guys are goe." I say. She hugged and ran out of the house. Oh boy. 'YOU LIKE HER! YOU LIKE HER! YOU LIKE HER! YOU LIKE HER!" The boys yelled. "I do not!!!" I yell back. They looked at me. "What?" I say agrivated. 'You basically glared Niall down for going to the store with her!" lOUIS YELLED. "And you brought her home when you JUST met her! You dont do that!" Liam Yelled. Thats true though. " lied to her about us?! Whats that about?" Harry asked. I explain what i had though earlier. "Well i see why you did it but sooner or later shes going to find out and its not going to be pretty. Just tell her tonight. we'll be there with you." Liam said. he was right. I noded. I just hope she doesnt get mad.

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