To Good To Be True

Kyli is just an average teenage girl on her way to visit her best friend in London. She bumps into someone really attractive with a British accent! Wha could it be?!? READ ON MY FELLOW READEERS!!


6. Chapter 6


I feel like I'm someones shoulder. I slowly flutterle my eyes open. I was laying on zayn. "Well good morning beautiful." He said turning to me with a smile. "Goodmornig.. Im sorry i fell asleep on you.." I appoligize." No need to be sorry, love!" he says. "Are we almost there?" Before he could answer the intercome came on. "We are now preparing for landing, please fasten all seatbelts. Thank you for flying with us today." "wel thaht should have answered your question." He said. I rool my eyes. My time with this amazing guy has come to an end! NO! we soon landed to quickly and i didnt want to leave him forever. I got up and tried to get my luggage. "Here let me help you.." He said reaching up and grabing it for me. "Thnks!" I say cheerfully. "So this wont be the last time I see you right? Well i hope not.. Im in london for a few months so maybe we can hang sometimes. They boys are dying to meet you anyways! So.. what do ya say?!" He asked. I know i just met him but i thik im safe. He doesnt look like a bad person. "Yeah that be cool. Just text me whenever!" I say remembering i had given it to him earlier." Great! well i guess. ill see you later!" he said with a hug. He then put his hood and glsses on. Shoot! I forgot to ask him! Oh well I had left the plane and waited for Mo. "So... how did it go with that cute guy you were telling me about?!" He asked a big smile. "Oh yeah well it was good. He want to meet up cause hes in London for a few months and his friends want to meet me for who knows why.." I say back. like really.. I think they tought that zayn actually posted that on Twitter. Oh well. "Wow KK!! Im so happy you finally met someone! Gosh your to little to have a boyfriend you understand?!" She says with a smile. "But MOM!!......." I say like an annoyed teenager. Alot of adults were looking at us funny. wups! Wow. My life has gotton 1000x better already!


Wow. I really didnt want to leave her. I know i just met here but thats the whole point! I just met here and i feel like im in love! Soon i see the boys in their hoodies. "C'mon! We got to go before anyone sees us!" Liam whispered shout. We ran out to the car. Ok kool. safe. "Soooo......" Louis said, as they all stared at me with wide eyes. "Erm.. are you guys alright?" I ask. "Whos Kyli?!" Niall asked. Oh boy. "Shes a girl i met on the plane ride here." I say back. "AND?!...." Louis says expecting more. " I think im falling for her. Just the way she laughs makes you want to laugh no matter the situation, the way she doesnt care how she looks, the way she acts like a child sometimes, and just her in general is amazing..." I drift off thinking about her. "HE'S IN LOVE!!!!" Harry screams. I slap his head. "Oi! Its true!" He said. Well i couldnt argue with that. I knew i was but i just wasent ready to admit this. They all went on and on of when they were going to meet her. "Boys! I will invite here whenever we have time to have a guest.. ok?" I say. "We have time right now!" Liam says eagerly. They knew i dont fall for someone this quick. So when they heard me they knew she was special. And she is. 'Ok..ok..ok. I'll ask her!" I say. I quickly dial her number. "Hello?" Her sweet voice said. I had her on speacker. "Hi Kyli? This is you right?" I ask just to make sure. "Zayn? Wow i didnt think you would actually call!" She says happily. "Why not love? Anyways. the boys are so eager to met you that they want to invite you to dinner! What do you say?" I ask calmly. although inside im suer exited to see her again! "Um .. yeah thats perfect! At what time?" She asked. I look at the boys. "Hello love! Its LOUIS! How about aroung 7 yeah?" He asked her. she giggled into the phone. "Of course! are they rest of the boys there?" She asked. "Hello! Im Harry!" He says into the phone. "Hiya! IM Liam!" He shouts. "Oh.. And Im Nialler or Niall wich ever one you prefer!" He says. "well hello to you to boys! And i cant wait to met you tonight!" She says exitedly. The Boys all scream and holler. "Um that is their way in say We cant wait either." I tell her. "Ok buddy. Anyways i think i should go so i can at least make myself look desent and to get directions." She said. "NO! Im going to pick you up! So just text me where youre at ok? Bye!!!" I say hanging up so she doesnt have to argue. This is going to be some night.

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