To Good To Be True

Kyli is just an average teenage girl on her way to visit her best friend in London. She bumps into someone really attractive with a British accent! Wha could it be?!? READ ON MY FELLOW READEERS!!


5. Chapter 5


Wow. Kyli. What is up with me? I am like never like this around people. I think that just the fact that she doesnt know the Zayn Malik in one direction is part of it. For the first time ever i can actually be just some normal guy with a normal girl. Oh but this girl is not normal! She is perfect. They way she doesnt care if her hairs messed up or what anyone thinks is just amazing. They boys want to meet her so i invited her over and she said yes! WOW! I quickly send a foward to the boys.

To:The Boys

-Mates this is serious. I think I'm falling for her. HARD! Just one quick problem...She doesnt know who I am. Or you guys. So please dont mention the whole 'oh im in a world wide famouse band; thing ok. I think i really like her.

Send. Wow. I have never felt like this with any girl.EVER! Soon i felt her head rest on my shoulder snoring quietly. Shes so cute! Wait.. what if her friend knows who I am?! I quickly grab her phone. I want to be the one to tell her. Not her firend. I quickly dialed her number.

"Hello?" she asked. "Hey. erm.. this is Morgan correct?" I asked. "Yeah whos this?" because i dialled her on my number. "Well its erm.. Zayn Malik." I whispered. I swore i heard a shriek. Yeah that mean she knows me.."The ZAYN MALIK?! Omg omg omg! how did you get my number?!" She asked exitedly. "Well im the guy sitting next to you rfriend Kyli." I asnwer. "OMG! Your the guy shes inlove with?!" she gasped. "Oh yeah i was actually texting you hehe anyways.. my whole point in calling you is that she doesnt know me from the guy in one direction. She knows me by just a guy i met in a plane. and i want it to stay like this until i actually know she likes me for me and not for Zayn malik you know what i mean. So please just dont tell her about me. I think i really like her.." I admit. there it goes. another shriek. "Zayn Malik is in Love with my best friend! Ok i will do anything for you!" she screams. "thanks love, now i think ill be taking a litlle nap. it was nice talking to you!" I say chuckling. "Ok thanks! I LOVE YOU! And bye!" she says. and with that i hang up. Ok. I think i'm safe now. Now i just got to steal her heart like she stole mine.

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