To Good To Be True

Kyli is just an average teenage girl on her way to visit her best friend in London. She bumps into someone really attractive with a British accent! Wha could it be?!? READ ON MY FELLOW READEERS!!


4. Chapter 4

Zayn. Thats a very attractive name. But im still wondering if I'm supposed to know him! he looked surprised when i asked him. All of a sudden he puts on his hoodie and his sunglasses on and sinks in his seat. Then all the coach passengers came on. Weird. I'll ask him about it later.Then I see Morgan. She frantically waves at me and i do the same. I hear Zayn chuckle. I jokingly slap his arm. "Oi! What was that for?!" He says pouting. Aw. "Thats for making fun of me and my friend!" I say sticking my toungue out. He chuckles and rolls his eyes. Then i felt my bootay vibrate. I quickly grab it. A message from Mo!

From: Mo Mo

-Who is he?! Is he cute?! KK! I need details! PRONTO!!

Oh morgan. Only if you knew. I was about to text back when someone takes my phone away! "Zayn! Give it back!!!" I says trying to get it back. No use. Forgett it. Im on a plane with him for a while. I sit back down. "Are you done yet mister?!" I ask. He looks at me and grins. "What are you doing! Just dont do anything bad yeah?" I ask. He laughes but nods. Phew. After about an hour of completly doing nothing he actually talks to me. "Kyli! Answer me!" He begged. Oh yeah i decided to give him the silent treatment. I didnt budge. "KK! I will do anything! Please!" haha yay! "Ok! I say giving him a hug. Yoops! "erm.. sorry i kinda forgot i just met you..." I say pulling back but surprisingly he hugged back. "No worrys.. Im a cuddly sorta guy." He says with a wink. Wow. "So may I have my phone back?!" I ask blinking rapidly. He  chuckles. "How could i say no to an adorable face like that?" He says handing my phone back. Did he just call me adorable! "Thank you!" I quickly go into my messages to finally text back Mo but i find out Zayn has been texting her as if he was me!

-Omg! yes hes like the hottest guy on EARTH!

-WOW! KK.. Are you sure! I mean i only saw him with a hoodie and sunglasses!

-Yes! He has like hazel eyes.. and PERFERCT HAIR!!

-Kk! Do you like him? Omg! you guys would be so CUTE! Wow! My little kk is growing up!"

-I think i do! I know i just met him and i might sound crazy. So i might give him my number. So he can call me maybe! You know what i mean?!

-Only you would think of that. He ima go to sleep! Nighty night baby cakes!

And that was the last. WOW! "Why did you do this?!" I ask showing him the messages. "Oh....erm.. Phss.. I didnt do that!" He tries to lie. Hah! "Ok sure whatever Mr. Perfect hair!" I say. "Oh so you agree?! Eh? I knew it. Girls just cant ressist the hair." He says stricking a pose. Oh boy. Does he realise everything he does make me want to kiss him? Yeah i think not. "Oh whatever. In fact you have the worst hair in the WORLD!" I say trying not to laugh so i go back to my phone. He gasped. I couldnt help but laugh. I quickly check my twitter.

-On a plane heading to LONDON! Oh and I'm inlove with the one and only..ZAYN MALIK!!-

Oh really now. "So know I'm in Love with you too?!" I act surprissed. "Well duh! how could you not?!" He says joking around. The truth was... I really do think I am. His smile, eys, HAIR, and more than anything, his personality. I can actually be myself with him and not be criticised by everything i do! I see him go on his phone. I quickly make a move and snatched it from him. "HEY!" He said. "My turn pretty boy!" I say winking. Di-did he just blush?! I quickly go on his twitter.

-kyli is the most amazing person in the world! I dont know what i would do without her! Shes just so loveable and cute! I wish i could be with her for the rest of my life!! @kyli_luffs_youh!-

Hell to the yesh. I also made him follow me. soon he got like 4 messages.

From Harry:

Mate shes HOT!

From Louis:

Shes very pretty! We want to meet her!!


Very nice. She seems like a good person! May we meet her one day?

From Niall:

How come you didnt tell me about her mate! Shes absolutly GORGEUSE!(spell fail!)

Well. i already like these guys if there always this nice. "whos, Harry, Liam, Louis, and Niall?" I ask. "Oh they're just my best mates! Why what happened?" He asked. "Oh ijust posted something on twitter and they texted you about me in like 5 seconds." I say. He laughs and i give him his phone. "Oh so know i cant live without you?! I cant argue with the cute and adorable part.. thats the truth." he says winking. WOW! BUTTERFLYS!! Oh my. "And it looks like the boys want to meet you so that will give me a chance to see you again right?" He asked. was he really saying this?! "Of course! Here.. just call me whenever!" I say giving it to him. WOW! I cant wait to tell Mo!

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