To Good To Be True

Kyli is just an average teenage girl on her way to visit her best friend in London. She bumps into someone really attractive with a British accent! Wha could it be?!? READ ON MY FELLOW READEERS!!


3. Chapter 3

I threw my stuff in the back of her trunk. "Omg! I still cant beleive were doing this!!! She says. "So when are we leaving?!" I asked eagerly. God im so happy she said yes! "Well i was leaving tonight! But we can move it if you want to stay longer. im cool with that!" God if anything, I loved Morgan becasue she can turn anything to a good side. "No its ok! Tonights perfect! Ahh! London.....Home." I say the last part no louder than a whisper. London was my home. I miss it so much!


Wow. Finaly leaving my abusive mother. This has always been a dream.. and now its finaly coming true!" Are you exiteed! Cause i sure am!! Oh and i couldnt get our seats together so you have a first class ticket! They were the only ones available but maybe you can meet a new someone!!" See what i mean. She should be mad we didnt get to sit by each other but she still puts a good side to it. "Thanks Mo. |For everyhting." I say hugging her. "FLIGHT 307 TO LONDON IS NOW BORDING FIRST CLASS ONLY." The announcer said. I quickly grab my things and go to the line. Once the check me in I go to my seat number. A2. Window seat! YESS!! I quickly back up to put my luggage in the over head compartment and accindentaly bump into someone. " Oh my God! Im so sorry!" i say almost falling over the person. He quickly catches me. I am suddenly facing him. Wow. Light brown eyes....hazel maybe, tan, perfect hair. Wow. just wow. "Its alright Love, i should have seen you. My fault. here let me help you." British accent too! DAMN! He set my to my feet and put my luggage on top. "Thank you!" I said looking staright into his eyes. I could get lost in them. No problwm! Em.. what seat are you in?" He asked. |For a second i forgot how to talk. "Oh erm....A2 what about you?" I asked. "oh cool! I have A1." He said. he looks kind of mysterious and quiet. I kinda like it. Wow im going to be an a long plane ride with the most attractive guy on Earth. "Oh im sorry love but i didnt catch your name." He said. Oh..Did i have a name?! "......Oh its Kyli." I said. Wow. Im such a loser. "Kyli...What a lovley name." I blushed. Wait.." Oh and i didnt catch yours." I state. he looks at me funny. Am i supposed to know him?! He looks around as if its a secrete. "My names Zayn. Zayn Malik."

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