Wonderful Life

It all starts when Emily gets four tickets to see one direction in Mullinger, Ireland. When the four girls at the concert Niall starts flirting with Emily. What will happen?
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5. Chapter 4 (13+)

Jazmine's point of view:

I look over to the girls and notice they are texting each other. I knew they were talking about the guys. I texted Em saying that her and Niall did make a cute couple. When she got the message, I saw her blush in embarrassment. I knew Niall knew that we were talking about him. He asked us what we were talking about, I said " Emily, yes, tell our friend Niall over here what were talking about!!!" In a suspicious way.

Emily's point of view:

Niall asked what Jaz and I were texting about. When he asked I blushed and said " we were um.... We were talking about you, and how we make a cute couple." Niall smiled. He has a beautiful smile.

Niall's point of view:

I saw Em and Jaz texting, I knew they were talking about me or the boys. I asked them what they were texting about and Jaz said" Emily, yes, tell our friend Niall over here what were talking about!!!" In a suspicious way. Emily looked up at me me and said" We are um... We are talking about you and how we make a cute couple." Emily looked embarrassed. I smiled and texted Em.

Emily's point of view:

Niall texted me, the text read: Don't be embarrassed, I think it's cute. I blushed and everyone must have noticed because they started laughing at me. When we were done, we payed and left, we all spread out. I went with Niall, Saige went with Liam, Jaz went with Zayn and Mikaila went with Harry. When Niall and I got to his flat we sat on the couch and talked about what we should do, we decided to go to bed.

*The next day*

Emily's point of view(14+)

Niall and Ihad gone out to dinner tonight. Niall was being very cheeky as his eyes never looked away from me, and every time i gave him a look, he replied with a cheeky smirk. I knew exactly what was going on in his head. On the car ride home, Odecided to tease him. I rubbed his upper thigh, gaining a soft moan from him. "Emily, stop, I'm driving." He said, obviously not convincing enough for you. I slowly unzipped his pants and began massaging the bulge that was forming. He moaned louder, putting one hand over yours to try and stop you, but it was to no avail. I suddenly felt the car swerve, he was pulling over. "Don't distract the driver. Now you'll be punished." He said with a cheeky smile. We both moved to the back seat with Niall on top. He quickly ripped off my clothes, then his. He hammed himself inside me, I yelped from the pain. He gave me a smirk and did it again, harder. I felt yourself already about to cum. "Niall, oh ahh" i moaned out to him, a tear slowly rolling down your cheek from pain. "You better not cum in this car, or you'll be in even more trouble." He warned laughing. I tried to hold it in but you couldn't as he thrusted hard in you again. Cum went all over him. "Okay now your in trouble." He said slamming into me harder than ever before. You never felt this kind of pain before. "OW! Niall!" I called out gripping his back. "Louder." He whispered in your ear, thrusting hard again. "NIALL!" I cried out. He thrusted harder and harder. I couldn't breathe from the pain. Then it stopped. He pulled out, still hovering over you. "Did you learn your lesson?" He asked with a devilish smirk. "Yep. I should get in trouble more often." I replied with a smirk. He chuckled and leaned down giving you a soft, sweet kiss. We both laid there, limbs tangled together. My head was on his chest, hearing the soothing sound of his heart beat. We both got dressed again and he drove home, I continued rubbing his upper thigh and massaging the bulge. He looked at me and put his hand up your dress, he started rubbing my leg. It felt so right. When you got back to his flat, you both went into his room and continued what happened in the car. After about an hour you fell asleep in his arms. In the morning Niall wasn't in the room and he wasn't in the house, you found a note that said "Gone to the store, be back soon. Lots of love, Niall." You text Niall and he says he just pulled on to the road that he lived on, when he got to the house he handed you the bag, you looked inside and say that he bought about six pregnancy tests. You give him a weird look and he says "I bought them to see if you are pregnant, and by the way, last night was the best night of my life." You go and take three if the tests, all positive. You run over to Niall and give him a big hug, and whisper in his ear " Im pregnant!!!" He can't stop smiling at the face that he will be a dad. You guys talk about names and agree on two names a boy name and a girl name. After your done picking names you go to make Niall and yourself a sandwich, when you walk back to where he is he looks sad, you ask " what's wrong Niall." He looks up at you and says " the tour starts in three days, I don't want to leave. Would you like to come with us?" You think for a bit and then say yes because who wouldn't want to travail with their boyfriend and his band.

*9 months later*

One direction is in the middle of a concert when your water breaks, you call for help, someone gets Niall and you both go to the hospital, when you get there you give birth to twins a boy and a girl, Sam and Charlotte. The doctors let you go and you head back to the concert, Niall runs on and apologizes for leaving he tells you to come on stage to tell everyone why he left, when you and Niall show the crowd Sam and Charlotte all you hear is "Awww." You give Niall a kiss and walk of stage with Sam and Charlotte. Before the boys sing Little Things, Niall dedicated the song to you, Sam and Charlotte. When the concert was over Zayn asked if he could hold Sam, whilst Harry wanted to hold Charlotte. You look at Niall for an Ok, you hand the baby's to the boys and smile. They ask if they can babysit them that night, you and Niall agree and it's set, your going on a date.
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