Wonderful Life

It all starts when Emily gets four tickets to see one direction in Mullinger, Ireland. When the four girls at the concert Niall starts flirting with Emily. What will happen?
Please no hate:/ thanks:)


2. Chapter 2

* three days later at the concert*

Jazmine's Point of view:

" Holy crap," I thought to myself, "We are in the front row and there is no one within five rows of us! This will be awesome." I looked at the girls and said "What if we get to go on stage with the boys? That would be amazing." I said to them. We were in Mullinger Ireland, it was about 10 degrees C out, but it was nice. I was so excited. The concert started with What Makes You Beautiful, it was lovely, when they got to little things I saw Niall wink at Emily, of course Emily had to blush and make it easy to tell as was totally crushing on Niall.

Emily's point of view:

"OMG!!! Niall just winked at me." I squealed and them looked at him, he was at the edge of the stage looking at me like he was going to say something. He looked into my eyes and said just to me " Would you and your friends like to come on stage with us?" A smile played on his lips. I looked at my friends and nodded. Niall took my hand and I climb on stage looking at the crowd. Niall help Jazmine, Saige and Mikaila up. Us girls huddled in the middle of the stage talking when Zayn came over and asked if we knew the words to Gotta be you. We said yes and followed Zayn over to the other boys. Niall took my hand and sat me on a stool. Harry did the same to Jazmine, while Mikaila was seated by Zayn and Saige was seated by Louis. Liam started sing and it was wonderful. After the concert the boys asked of we wanted to hang out. Of course we said yes, I mean who wouldn't?

Niall's point of view:

In looked out into the crowd and all I could see was this beautiful girl in the front row with her three friends. When she looked at me I winked at her, then it was all set. I looked at Harry and complained that I was hungry and I wanted Nandos.

Jazmine's point of view:

HOLY SHEELA!!! WE WENT ON STAGE WITH ONE DIRECTION NOW WE ARE GONNA HANG WITH THEM?!??!?! I'm in heaven!! I thought to myself. The boys performance was amazing!!! And for them to sing to US, there's no way to describe how I felt. I look over at Emily and of course, staring at Niall. I look over to the other girls and they are so happy, they looked like they were enjoying themselves:)

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