Wonderful Life

It all starts when Emily gets four tickets to see one direction in Mullinger, Ireland. When the four girls at the concert Niall starts flirting with Emily. What will happen?
Please no hate:/ thanks:)


1. Chapter 1

Emily's point of view:

Hey guys, I can ask you something? I asked Saige, Jazmine and Mikaila. They replied with a questioning yes. We all walked into the living room I had my hands behind my back so they couldn't see what I was hiding. A smile played on my lips and I laughed, they looked at me, telling me they wanted to hear what I called them for. I was really excited to tell them I got four tickets to see our favorite boy band ever.... ONE DIRECTION!!!!
I told them I had four tickets and we might meet them, I was taking them because they were my best friends and we all freaked out. It was going to be awesome.

Jazmine's point of view:

I have four tickets, we might meet 1D and I am taking you three! Emily said with a smile playing on her lips. My eyes were wide and my jaw partly on the floor. "OMG" I thought to myself,"we are gonna meet one direction!!!!!" I tried to keep calm but couldn't keep it in so I let out a little squeal. After she said that we were going to meet them, I ran up to her and gave her the biggest bear hug ever, I was extremely excited!!!

Saige's point of view:

"This can't be happening." I thought to myself. "Someone pinch me so I know it's not a dream." I said out loud not meaning to. Jazmine stood up and walked over to me, she gently pinched me and I was awake:) this was the best day ever:) Well the best day until the day we meet one direction of course.

Mikaila's point if view:

I stayed really calm, I loved one direction and I was really excited but I'm not one to overreact like some people. I got up and gave Emily a hug and a smile. The concert was in 3 days:)

Niall's point of view:

"I can't wait to see all the beautiful girls at the concert." I said to Zayn. He looked at me and rolled his eyes. I smiled as I made me a sandwich. I smiled and took a big bight out of my sandwich. It was good.
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