Mission Unintended

Agent Isabella Noel Knite works for a record company as a spy. In the music business a spy is someone who steals someone else's songs. She has been assigned to go undercover at Syco and steal One Directions songs from their next album. Will she succeed for her job or end up falling for someone at the wrong time? She doesn't know what to choose. Her job that could make or break her or the chance for true love with a guy in high demand?


7. Well Are You?

Zayn's P.O.V

That kiss was amazing. As soon as we said goodnight for the final time and I got into my room I just laid on my bed, stomach up, and smiled at the ceiling. Isabella is so perfect to me. She has dark hair, piercing eyes, a nice, curvy, body, is a sweetheart, funny, and is calm most the time but can be hyper. 

I fell asleep that night and woke up refreshed...until I checked the reminders on my BlackBerry telling me that the lads and I had a radio interview. I slowly rose out of bed, walked into the bathroom, and started a shower. As soon as I got done with that I did my best to dry my hair out. I put on my boxers, jeans, and a Guns & Roses shirt then sliding on some black Nike high tops. Ok I looked good. I walked out to the tiny living room and saw Liam, Harry, and Niall on the couch talking while Louis played Fifa on his iPhone.

Isabella's P.O.V

I woke up with the tiniest little bit on bloodshot eyes but makeup could fix it. After I showered I decided to wear an oversized tan, lace oversized top, skinny jeans, and slid on my tan studded flats. Going into the open bathroom, I curled my hair and put on a little makeup, then looked at my phone.

11:45 One Direction Interview. Start at 10:45.

Ok it was 10:30 now so I walked out to see all the guys dressed and ready.

"Good morning Inky!" Niall said all cheery.

"Call me that again. See what happens Horan." I said with sass.

"I-N-K-Y!!!! INKY!!" He yelled out. I walked over to him, took his hand, and bit it. "Owwwww! Daddy Direction Ink bit me!" he whined.

"Oh boo-woo." I mocked.

"Now Niall, she didn't want to be called that and she told you not to do it." Liam said then turned to me. "And Isabella, I thought you were better than that. Now say sorry for biting Niall." He laughed.

"Yes sir." I mumbled. "I'msorryforbitingyou." I slurred.

"Sorry I couldn't hear you. What was that again?" Niall smirked.

"I'M. SORRY.  FOR. BITING. YOU. NIALL!" I yelled. All the guys flinched. "Happy now?" I asked Liam.

"Yea. Sure." he said with his hands to his ears.

"Oh come on I had that!" Louis yelled at his phone.

"Woah Lou watch it. What ya stuck on?" I asked.

"This level in Fifa."

"Which one?" I said looking at the screen.

"19." he said bluntly.

"Pssht. Easy." I laughed. It was like what I just said triggered something in the guys and they all turned to me with big eyes and their jaws dropped. Harry was in such shock he dropped his phone in his lap and got nailed in the crotch then grabbing himself and groaning in pain.

"You actually play. And get. Fútball?" Niall said.

"Yea......." I held out.

"Tomorrow. All of us. Three on three. Fútball match." He said.

"Fine but watch it. I got my high school team championships." then I got up and walked into the kitchen where Zayn was while Niall, Liam, Louis, and Harry stared at me.

"Hey." Zayn said smiling at me.

"Morning Zayn. Ready for the interview?" I asked pouring some coffee into a mug.

"Yea. Just a little nervous." he answered.

"Why? You do this like daily." I said.

"Oh I always am. It's just a thing." he explained taking a sip of water from a bottle.

"Oh ok I get it." I said sipping on the black coffee. "So um do you usually have to have touch-ups when you're just on radio?"

"Just some touch ups. Nothing major. We just do it because we know photos will be taken. You can start on me if you'd like." Zayn said sitting down.

"Ok I'll be right back." I said running back to my room. I grabbed the kit, walked back to him, and opened it. It took barely any time for me to finish Zayn. As I was looking up close at him we were face to face and then looked into each others eyes. We both leaned in and were kissing for a few seconds until Liam walked in. 

"Oh..um..I-I'm sorry I'll just.." Liam said turning around.

"No Liam it's cool. We were just finishing up." I said and Zayn grinned at me. I finished all the guys just as we pulled up to the studio. While I was fixing up Niall I noticed his constant stares at me. Mainly my chest.

"You can come with." Paul said to me.

"Ok." I said smiling at Zayn and walking in with him. The paps were snapping pictures and I shielded my face speed walking in.

"You can wait here." Paul said while we both stood in a room next to the booth.

As the interview was about half way through the interviewer brought up the subject of the latest stuff. "So Zayn," the radio girl said turning to Zayn. "There have been pictures of you with Isabella Knite, your guys' makeup artist, around. Tell us about this. Are you two dating" she said.

"Ooooooooooooooh." All the guys laughed.

"Well, I am interested but-" he said being cut off by Louis.

"He's too chicken."

"Am not!" Zayn protested. I just giggled and blushed. "As I was saying, I am interested but I've just been waiting. She's very sweet, pretty, and just so nice."

"Well....As I can see Ms. Knite is here right now. Hey Bobby can you bring her on?" she asked the guy in the room where I was.

"Yea." he said.

"Come on in Isabella!" Harry said. Shut up Harry. Shut. Up. 

I walked in and had a seat at an open spot next to Zayn. " So Zayn, Want to say anything?" the interviewer asked. I could tell Zayn was nervous.

"Um yes......Isabella, would you like to maybe..be my girlfriend?" he asked he as Niall nudged him with his elbow.

"Well?" Liam asked smiling. All eyes were on me.

"Yes. I'd love to." I laughed.

"Awwwwwwww." they all cooed at us. As I was standing up to go out Zayn kissed my cheek. About 10 minutes later the interview was over.

I was now, officially, Zayn Malik's girlfriend. 

But what will Mr. Star think? Or say? Or do...? I tried push away the thoughts but they wouldn't go away. I had heard from the woman that had my job before me that when angry, he could get very, very mean and abusive. If you betray him it gets even worse. Stories had popped up when she quit that he had beat her since she had chose another man while sleeping with him. I flinched a little at the thoughts of what he could do. Zayn must have noticed because he put an arm around me and rubbed my arm to comfort me then kissing my temple.

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