Mission Unintended

Agent Isabella Noel Knite works for a record company as a spy. In the music business a spy is someone who steals someone else's songs. She has been assigned to go undercover at Syco and steal One Directions songs from their next album. Will she succeed for her job or end up falling for someone at the wrong time? She doesn't know what to choose. Her job that could make or break her or the chance for true love with a guy in high demand?


15. Planning the Reunion and Decorating

Zayn's P.O.V

"Liam I need your help." I said sitting on the edge of the stage next to him.

"Yea sure. What is it?" he asked me looking down at his phone.

"I need you to help me with how to get Isabella back. I can't take it anymore. I just need her back." I admitted and messed with my hands.

"Oh well how are you going to do that?" he asked.

"I was thinking about asking Remi where Isabella was staying, and maybe on Christmas Eve go get her."

"That sounds good but how bout you do that with all of us. You, me, Niall, Lou, and Harry. Like we can go "caroling" at her door. Maybe sing Still The One." he said making air quotes around caroling.

"That's amazing. Lets do it." I got my phone out and composed a message to Remi.

Me: Looking to get Ink back. Where is she staying?

Remi: Her grandmothers. 

Me: Ok so where is that?

Remi: Oh yea. At 196 2nd St. East Weston Village, Cheshire.

Me: Thank you so much :)

Remi: Yea no problem. If you need any help just ask.

Me: Will do.

"Ok we're set." I told Liam putting my phone into my pocket. 

Isabella's P.O.V

*December 10th*

I woke up that morning, showered, put on a red, gray, light tan, and black sweater, dark blue jeggings, loosely curled my hair, put on a black beanie, and my light tan oxfords, slipping on my glasses then walked out into the kitchen.

"Good morning." my grandmother greeted while she turned off a lamp.

"Going somewhere?" I asked.

"Yea. Christmas shopping. Would you like to to come with?" she asked me.

"Yea I'd love to." I said pouring coffee and creamer into a tumbler.

"Well just meet me our in the car." she said. I put a few chocolate mocha granola bars into my purse and met her out into the car. "Ready?"

"Yep." I said putting on my seatbelt. We pulled out of the driveway and made our way to the nearest mall which was about an hour drive since we went to a big one. The whole way there I just listened to the radio and looked out the window at the snowy landscape. After a few minutes we had finally found a parking spot and walked inside.

Dirty looks for anyone I saw. Well this day was just awesome. Notice the sarcasm.

*Hours later* We had to make trips to the car like three times we had so much stuff. Well it wasn't a lot (yea it was) as much as it was weight. Once we got home I went straight to the kitchen and started making up some quick stir fry, put it on the two plates, and scarfed it down. I cleaned the dished, showered, put on a hot pink tanktop and black sweatpants, then fell asleep the second my head hit the pillow.

There he was, crying, his head hung between his knees, holding onto a picture of me. It was Zayn. 

"Why. Why did I have to go that?!?!?!" he yelled at the picture of me. Tears hit it. "I love her so much." he whispered weakly. "I miss her." 

Weird Dream.

"Psst Isabella, wake up." my grandma said. I didn't move. There was giggling. "Ok girls. Get her." and three little bodies attacked me. 

"GET UP BELLIE!!!!" the yelled. It was my three little cousins Anistatia, Gemini, and Aries. Aries was 3, blonde hair, and huge brown eyes. Gemini was 3 also, Aries twin, with black hair and the same eyes. Then there was Anistatia who was 5, had flaming red hair, and brown eyes also.

"Hey sweethearts." I groaned.

"Hey Bellie." they all giggled and jumped around on my bed. "Get up. Get up."

"Ok ok I am." I sort of laughed and grabbed them all in my arms, hugging them tight as I kissed the tops of their heads. "Ok now go. I have to get ready." 

"Yes Bellie." Anistatia said leading the others out. I laughed to myself a little and rose from my bed, shuffled into the bathroom, and showered with it instantly jolting me awake. I dried my hair, walked out into my room, and decided to wear white skinny jeans, a light pink shirt that said 'Free Hugs' in a bold black print, black wedge boots, then pulled two parts of my hair back, connecting them with a little white bow then walked out into the living room to see the girls all sitting on the floor watching the telly.

"Bellie?" Anistatia asked me.

"Yes Tia?" 

"Do you still love Mr. Zayn?" 

"Well Tia, that is a very complicated subject. Why?" I asked nervously.

"I don't know. I hope you two love each other. I like having a famous cousin." she smiled.

"Oh. Is that so? Why do you like me being somewhat famous?" I said pulling her up onto the counter so I didn't have to look down at her.

"Because this girl at school is snooty and always makes fun of me but when you and Mr. Zayn loved each other she didn't" she admitted looking down.

"Well then, since your parents are leaving you here while they go to Spain how about I take you to school on Monday?" I asked her.

"WILL YOU?!?!" she squealed. 

"Shhhhhh and yes I will. I wanna see this girl that's been bullying my little Tia." I said and kissed her forehead.

*Half an hour later*

Grandmother left for a club thing leaving me alone with the girls. It's half an hour in and I'm going insane.




"Hello?" Remi asked.

"Hey Remi could you make a run out to my grandmothers? The girls are here and it's a handful." I said into the phone trying to calm Aries down since she stubbed her toe on the coffee table while running around.

"Oh yea. I'd love to. Do you want me to bring some little kid snacks?" she asked me.

"Thanks and one sec." I covered the mic. "Girls, do you want Remi to pick up some snacks?" I asked them softly.

"COOKIES!!!!" Gemini shrilled.

"Ok then." I said. "Ok Remi, just get the usual kiddie stuff. I'll pay you back later."

"Mk. I'll be there soon." 

"Ok thank you." I said and hung up.

Once she showed up the girls tackled her for food. "Hey girls!" Remi said and hugged all of them as they stuffed food into their mouths reminding me of Niall. NO! Stop it Isabella.

'Yeah you can be the greatest, you can be the best, you can be the-' my phone sang before I answered it.

"Hello?" I asked into the phone while walking into the other room.

"Hey Isabella, It's Niall." his irish voice spoke.

"Oh um hey."I awkwardly said.

"Where are you going to be on Christmas Eve?" 

"At my grandmothers why?" I suspiciously asked.

"Just wondering. Gotta go. Bye."

"Bye..." I said slowly and hung up.

"Who was that?" Remi asked me once I came back into the room.

"Niall." I said bluntly.

"What did he want?" she asked with a weird look on her face.

"He wanted to know where I'd be Christmas Eve."

"Um ok." she laughed.

Zayn's P.O.V

"Ok she said that she will be at her grandmothers then." Niall said sitting across from me.

"Ok good. This might actually work." I said pretty confident in myself. 

This idea had better work.

Isabella's P.O.V

It was monday morning so I got up early, made the girls breakfast, and put on a loose navy tank top, bright pink blazer, navy, lace tights, a white skirt that when to my mid thigh, and white sparkly boots. After that I applied my eyeliner, mascara, nude lipstick, and a bow ring to take them to school in.

"Ready?" I said while fixing any stray hairs.

"Yea." they all said.

"Good. Ok so out to the car." I said and took them all out, helping them buckle into the backseat. The whole car ride they sang along to the radio making me smile. "Ok we're here." I said pulling up to the school and helping them out. I grabbed Gemini and Aries's hands as we walked up and Tia was right infront of us.

"Oh look it's toothless Tia." some snobby little girls said then laughed with her minions. Oh god it's at kindergarten too.

"Shut up Lilly." Tia said back and stuck her tongue out.

"Now Tia, that is no way to talk to people." I said bending down. Lilly looked at me and her eyes got wide.

"Yes Bellie." she rolled her eyes.

"Ok good girl. And as for you Ms. Lilly, there is no reason to be rude to Tia. She has done nothing to you. Just because she is missing her two front teeth is no reason to make fun of her. You'll loose yours soon enough." I said. Lilly just nodded alot and walked back.

"Thanks Bellie." Tia said hugging me.

"No problem sweetie." I said hugging back and kissed the top of her head. "Ok now go." I shooed her to go to class, took Aries and Gemini to their preschool, and did some errands while I was out. "I'm home!" I shouted through the doorway.

"Oh sweetie. Let me help you with all those bags." My grandma said taking some of the many bags out of my hand.

"Thanks." I said setting the other bags on the countertop. "Need me to do anything else?" I asked.

"Would you like to help me set up and decorate the christmas tree?"

"Yea I'd love to. Where is the box?" 

"In the garage closet. Put a jacket on while you're out there." she said grabbing me my white, knee length coat.

"Ok. Thanks." I said, walked out to the garage, and opened up the closet door spotting the 6 foot tree. "Mk. This is going to be...fun." I said to myself. I pulled out the box, and tried to pull it but it was way to heavy. I was looking around when I spotted a rope. Perfect. I tied it to the box, the other to my waist, and trudged back to the house. Perfect work out for your calfs. 

"Thank you." my grandma said as she set down a tote of decorations. One of three. "Ok now go get into the proper Christmas tree decorating clothes." she instructed.

"Ok will do." I laughed. I went back to my room, put on black, white and red plaid pajama pants, a white and red shirt that had 'Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal' on it, plaid red and white slippers and a red sequined santa hat, and walked back out seeing my grandma in a green and red santa hat and white, green, and red snowflake printed pajamas. 

"Perfect." She said. How The Grinch Stole Christmas was just starting and there was hot chocolate with whipped cream sitting on the coffee table. 

"Grandma?" I asked.

"Yes Bella?"

"What was my mom like?" I asked her putting my moms baby christmas ornament on the tree first.

"Well Isabella, she was a very kind, smart, outgoing woman who loved everyone she cared about. Boy could she sing and was mighty pretty. To be honest her and your aunt Jenny used to fight all the time until one day, Jenny's serious boyfriend at the time cheated on her so your mama being ever so caring found that boy and told him a thing or two. The next day, he begged for your aunt back but she said no. From then on, they spent ever minute they could together. When Jenny went off to college though, your mom just seemed down. But sweetie, when your daddy came from Morocco she was instantly happier, marrying him once they got out of college and a year later, here you were, a mischievous little trouble maker. You know, you look just like she did. Only thing you really got from your dad was the Moroccan skin tone." she answered, smiling as she helped me decorate the tree.

"Wow. She sounded amazing." I said smiling big.

"She was."  While decorating the tree, Welcome Christmas from How The Grinch Stole Christmas came on and I started to sing with it. "Voice just like her too."


"Yep. Ok  now, would you like to put the star on top?" she asked me.

"How about we both do?" I asked her back.

"Ok hun." We both grabbed a side and placed it on top. Perfect.

"It's beautiful." I awed.

"Yea." she smiled. I stepped back, and took a picture for Instgram. 58 likes the second I posted it... One from each of the guys too.

"Hey it's getting late. I think I'm going to bed." I yawned.

"Yea I agree. Good night sweetheart." she kissed my forehead.

"Night." I said, went back to my room, took off all the jewelry, and went straight to bed imaging my mom when she was young.

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