Mission Unintended

Agent Isabella Noel Knite works for a record company as a spy. In the music business a spy is someone who steals someone else's songs. She has been assigned to go undercover at Syco and steal One Directions songs from their next album. Will she succeed for her job or end up falling for someone at the wrong time? She doesn't know what to choose. Her job that could make or break her or the chance for true love with a guy in high demand?


13. Missed You

Isabella's P.O.V

Once the cab got to the airport, I paid the driver, got my things out of the trunk, and made my way inside to get the ticket counter weaving in and out of the crowd. I walked up to the ticket desk and there wasn't a line. This was good.

"One ticket to London please." I said half smiling just trying to be nice when on the inside my feelings and conscience were eating away at me. 

She was typing things into the computer. "Ok that will be one hundred seventy- six euros." she smiled.


I pulled out my billfold and handed her my credit card I knew had the most miles on it. It turned out I had so many miles on it I had to pay thirty one dollars. She handed me my ticket so I got my bags checked in, went through all the security, and waited there in the cold, uncomfortable chairs waiting for my flight to be called.

*45 minutes later*

"Flight 601 to London is now boarding." the intercom said in the usual weird sound. I stood up, handed the lady standing at the door my ticket, and got onto the plane. It was nicer than I thought but I kind of expected it to be since how much it was worth. I just settled into my seat, put my headphones on, and turned up the music. I just listened to my playlist the whole time and my butt started to hurt. A little while later my stomach dropped signaling that we were landing due to the height change. I waited to be told what to do and when I was I shot up out of my seat and rushed to the baggage claim snatching my bags up when they came around. I speed walked out and instantly got a cab getting my bags in and sliding in the back.

"Where to?" the driver asked me.

"196 2nd St. East Weston Village." I told him.

Ironic I know. Better call my grandmother to make sure she's still there. I dialed in the memorized number.





"Hello?" said my grandmothers little sweet voice.

"Hello Grandma. It's Isabella. Are you home?" I asked sweetly.

"Of course sweetie. Why?"

"Because I miss you and I need to talk to you face to face." I admitted.

"Ok Bell. I'll be waiting."

"Thank you. Bye Grandma. I love you." I said into the microphone.

"I love you too Bella. See you soon." She said and we hung up.

*20 minutes later*

The cab pulled up to the little faded white house that had Ivy growing up it. "Thanks." I said paying the driver the number I saw on the screen. I got all my bags out and walked up to the door.




The door opened showing my little old grandma. "Bella! Sweetheart!" she cheered and hugged me.

"Hi Grandma!" I greeted her smiling.

"How have you been?" she asked as we walked inside.

"I've been better." I said looking down. "Mmmmm grandma. Do I smell your famous snicker doodles?" 

"Yes you do. Made them special for you." she said giving me a plate or fresh cookies and some milk.

"Thank you." I smiled. 

"So, what did you want to talk to me about?" she asked me as we both sat down on the couch.

"Well um..." I laid down with my head in her lap and told her everything as tears streamed down my face. I told her about my old job, my assignment, falling in love with Zayn, getting raped, and being exposed up to that very minute.

"Awww sweetheart." she said stroking my hair. "Ok well how about you go shower and I'll make you some dinner. You must be starving."

"Yea I am actually. And ok. I'll be right back" I said and walked back into the bathroom. I turned on the water, stripped down, brushed my hair out, and hopped into the hot water. While I showered I was whistling to Die Young. I didn't take forever to shower like I usually do actually. Surprising to me. I walked out, turned the water off, dried my hair, and slipped into some red, green, and black plaid fleece shorts and a black sweatshirt. Good. I walked back into the kitchen to see my grandma standing in the kitchen making pasta.

"Ello Bella. Feel better?" she asked me stirring the noodles around.

"Much." I said and sat at the counter. I flipped on the small kitchen t.v. and E! News popped up. Again.

"Missing in action. Stylist Isabella Knite has fled the boyband One Direction after her and stud Zayn apparently got into a fight. Sources say she was last seen in an airport in London getting her bags. Will Zayn go after her? Or will she be the one that got away?" the male reporter said into the camera.

"Bella." she said and hugged me then kissed the top of my head.

I kept my head down. 

"Ok. Pasta is done." my grandma said handing me a plate of it.

"Thanks." I said getting a fork and covering the food with parmesan cheese.

"So after this what would you like to do?"

"I don't know. I'll probably unpack. Would you mind helping?" I asked.

"Sure. I'd be more than happy to help you. I haven't seen you for a few months."

"I'm so sorry about that by the way. I was just so busy with my old job." I admitted.

"It's ok hun. I understand." she said putting her hand on mine reassuringly. We both finished, put our dishes in the dishwasher, and went back to the room I was staying in. I pulled my bags up onto the bed, opened them, and I put most of them away while my grandmother ironed the ones that were wrinkly. We just caught up on things. It was about 10 when we finished and we were both exhausted.

"Well I'm going to bed now. Goodnight Bella. It's nice to have you home." she said, kissed my forehead, and went back into her room. I crawled under the covers and looked up at the ceiling. This was my mums room. The room she grew up in.

"Hey mom. I miss you and Dad so much. I wish that storm would have never happened to wreck the train. I wish that you guys were still here. Maybe my life wouldn't be such a mess right now if it hadn't. I just want you to know that I do love Zayn so much and I was going to tell him but I couldn't. I was terrified. Having him find out from the news is even worse. I know I haven't talked in a while but I was happy then and I knew you were too looking down on me. I love you and Dad so much." I said at the ceiling with tears rolling onto the pillow. I fell asleep seconds later.

*The Night Isabella's Parents Died*

Her Mom : Maria

Her Dad : Robert

"Looks like it could storm" Maria said standing next to Robert on the train gate where you could just stand outside. Tall, gray, fat clouds were rolling in and wind gusted around, blowing her dark brown hair in the wind.

"Yea. Looks like a good one too." He said. The rain started to come down. "Better get inside." He said leading her inside as their clothes got speckled.

"I hope Isabella is ok." Marie said sort of worried and opened the door.

"She's fine honey. She's miles away. Let's just try to enjoy our late honeymoon." Robert said going into their cabin. 

"Ok. You're right. Let's just watch the rain." she suggested. Thunder and lightning clapped. The two pulled up two chairs and a blanket just watching the rain come down and the lightning strike. They stayed like that as the stormed proceed. 

"Ladies and Gentlemen please go into your closets. This storm is getting rough." the man on the intercom said.

"Ok come on." Robert said. They got a lantern powered by batteries and sat in the closet, all snuggled up, listening to the storm progress. The area the train was going through was heavily wooded. In the middle of nowhere. The storm was really bad now. Until... CRASH!!!!!! A tree had fallen. Fast, big, and deadly onto two or three of the cars. The middle one and main one hit being Isabella's parents.

They had died there. In each others arms. Wishing that their little princess Isabella Noel was safe. Thinking of how much they loved her. True, loving, caring parents.

This was Isabella's dream that night. She had felt so guilty by demanding they go. She had loved her parents so much and wanted them to be happy since they had never been able to go on their original  honeymoon. For a little girl Isabella was a very bright child. Always came up with things. All of her life since her parents death she had felt oh so guilty. This dream had cleared everything she needed to know up and also gave her a message.

Enjoy what you have and love. You never know when what you love will disappear from you forever.

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