Mission Unintended

Agent Isabella Noel Knite works for a record company as a spy. In the music business a spy is someone who steals someone else's songs. She has been assigned to go undercover at Syco and steal One Directions songs from their next album. Will she succeed for her job or end up falling for someone at the wrong time? She doesn't know what to choose. Her job that could make or break her or the chance for true love with a guy in high demand?


4. Into the Mind of Paul

Paul's P.O.V

This interview was huge for the guys. They were going to talk about the album and stuff like that. I'm freaking out so bad. All the guys were doing vocal exercises since they were going to sing Kiss You for the first time live. Ok calm down Paul. They've done a million interview before. Just go wait in the dressing room. Once I walked in Isabella was just sitting there on her phone.

"Hello Paul." She said sitting up.

"Hi." I said back kind of bluntly.

"Something bothering you?" she asked.

"No, just kind of freaking out about stuff. You know, hoping they wont say anything wrong, miss their notes, or mess up the song." I replied easing into a chair.

"Oh, well if you want to talk about anything with me you can." she said putting her phone away.

"Ok fine. I trust you. Well, working with five of the most famous guys alive is a lot of work. I have to make sure they're on time for everything, make sure they behave, and keep the fans under control. After all that I don't really have time to see my family. I miss them every second. I just don't know what to do some times." I confessed.

"Oh.... I know how it is. Missing people I mean. I had to deal with my parents dying in a train wreck three years ago." She said looking down. I felt sorry for her. I really did.

"Oh I'm sorry about that." I replied.

"It's ok." she said. After a minute or two of silence she spoke up. "Hey could I use like one of the guy's computer? I have to send an email." 

"Um, sure." I said. I left the room, got Zayn's laptop, and unlocked it then handing it to "Ink"

"Thanks." she said.


Isabella's P.O.V

Wow. I never knew what Paul went through. I really felt sorry for him. Once he handed me Zayn's laptop I opened Safari. It went straight to his email. Perfect. I saw I little thing from Simon and opened. It had all the lyrics to the songs they haven't let out yet. Ok this job was easier than I thought. I copied it all, opened my gmail account, and pasted it all in. Once it was pasted I typed my message to Mr. Star.

Dear Mr. Star,

The following are the lyrics to One Direction's unreleased songs. This was easier than I thought. Mission accomplished. You're welcome. 


I put the mouse over the send button until it hit me. I was falling for Zayn. There was just something about him that got to me. He was sweet, hot, famous, and just every girls dream. I couldn't do this thing to him. I couldn't do this to Paul. I just couldn't throw away such hard work. That's when I realized what a monster I was.

I HAD to quit. Now. 

I deleted everything, turned Zayn's laptop off, and called Remi.

"Hey Ink." she said pretty cheery.

"Remi. I have to quit working for Mr. Star." I said and could feel the tears coming to my eyes.

"What? Why?" she said with panic in her voice.

"This job has turned me into a monster. I use and manipulate people just for money and ruin their lives just because I'm told to. I just can't do it. I'm not going to be the villain here." I said and blinked away the tears.

"I know Bella. I honestly hated seeing this happen to you but I kept my mouth shut. I'm not going to tell Ryan ok. Just please don't-" she said and I hung up because the guys walked in.

"Hey Ink." they all said.

"Hey." I said flatly.

"Something wrong?" Liam asked me.

"No. Everything is fine." I lied.

"You sure?" he asked.

"Yea. Nothings wrong." I said lying again.

"Ok well I'm hungry so lets go out to Nandos." Niall whined.

"Ok sure. But um...could I bring a friend?"

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