Mission Unintended

Agent Isabella Noel Knite works for a record company as a spy. In the music business a spy is someone who steals someone else's songs. She has been assigned to go undercover at Syco and steal One Directions songs from their next album. Will she succeed for her job or end up falling for someone at the wrong time? She doesn't know what to choose. Her job that could make or break her or the chance for true love with a guy in high demand?


11. Exposed

Isabella's P.O.V

I didn't wake up until around 10:30 that next morning so the guys had already gone to work. I got up, shaved my legs cussing whenever I accidentally cut myself, showered, and put on a darkish teal cropped top that ties at the front bottom, white shorts, black Toms, and put on some makeup, pulling my hair back into a high ponytail. Once I was all dressed I walked out into the living room and my stomach made a low, nasty growl. I hadn't eaten in what? 12? 13 hours?

"Oh shut up." I whined to my stomach and also to no one. I walked into the kitchen, poured myself a glass of milk, and spit it into the sink. Sour. I settled on water and a chocolate chip granola bar. All I did until noon was sit on my ass and watch old sitcom reruns. My head was drooping down and the guys ran in scaring me so much that I snorted.

"Hello Miss Piggy." Niall laughed.

"Shut up bleach boy." I laughed back. "So I thought you guys were practicing."

"Lunch and voice break." Liam explained getting some clothes out of the kitchen while the guys attacked them. I flipped the t.v. onto E! News since it was time for an update.

"Sexy stud record producer, Ryan Star, has been sent to jail last week for raping the new stylist, Isabella Knite also known as Ink,  for the ever so famous Brit and Irish boy band One Direction. Isabella is also currently dating the bands own Zayn Malik. But wait, Star Records is looking for a new songwriter that will double as a song stealing spy to take singers and bands songs. Had she left Star before becoming One Direction's stylist? Or was she planning on stealing the uncovered songs of the band? Go to e!news.com to find out more on this scandal." said the tall, scrawny woman.

The guys looked at me the with wide, hurt eyes and their mouths wide open. Shock ran through my veins. So did rage from how nosey people were anymore. My eyes were wide and my lips purse closed.

"Isabella. Kitchen. Now." Zayn instructed me. I could hear the anger and pain in his voice. I followed him into the kitchen and sat down.

"Zayn I ca-" I started but he cut me off.

"What the hell Isabella!!!!!! What the fuck were you thinking?!?!" he screamed at me.

"Zayn let me explain!" I cried back.

"Fine. Go ahead."

"Look, yes, I did come here planning to take your songs but I never knew that I would fall for you. I tried to just leave before I could and trust me, I tried and I almost completed what I was sent here to do, but I couldn't, I stopped myself. I quit there once I saw what a monster I saw. I'm so so so so so so so sooooo sorry Zayn. I knew I should have told you the truth but I was afraid." I cried with tears streaming down my face.

"No Ink, you don't get it. You used me, you used the guys, you betrayed me, and you hurt me. and not to mention the night right after I said I loved you." he yelled and stormed back to his little nook slamming the door.  I just sat there with my head on the table and cried my eyes out. Before any of the other guys could see me I ran back to my room and kept crying. My knees to my chest as I hugged them to me, my face was in a pillow to muffle to cries of my pain. I looked over to the tiny stand and saw a razor. I disassembled it and put it up to my wrist.







And on and on. Blood was trickling down my wrist so I grabbed an old shirt and wrapped it around the raw area. One it stopped and had some time to heal which was very little, I put on a thick bracelet to cover the damage and cried more. I had hurt the one I loved. I was what I never wanted to be but I admitted it to myself. I was a Monster. I knew I had said it before but I was serious. I used people for a job. I felt like a hooker. Not a good one either. One that works old, cold, dirty, nasty tunnels like in the A Team music video. I was a horrible person.

Zayn's P.O.V

Betrayed. Used. Lied to. All things that liar did to me. Once I got into my tiny room I buried my head into a pillow and cried. I love her. I really do. But right now I don't know. So many mixed emotions.


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