Do I Really Love You?

Emily Carters (19) is having a hard time getting over her mom dying and having to live with her stepdad Mike which is the last person she wants to be living with permanantly. The worst thing she has to go through is living with 6 other kids in a house with only one bathroom. Emily can't stand little kids, which is horrible considering 3 of the 6 other kids are younger than 10 years old. One day Josh (Mikes oldest son) brings Emily to a band rehersal and Emily is greeted by the cutest irish blondy. Read to find out what happens!


4. We're Here

Its a  short chapter but I will add more chapters tomorrow and over the weekend!



Emily's P.O.V

I can't believe im about to walk in the double doors of my new mansion. Well to me it's a mansion. I used to live in a really small house in a small town. I walk into the house and I didn't notice that my jaw was on the ground. "Are you okay?" I hear Josh's voice and notice he was talking to me.

"Yeah, this house is just huge!"

"Its not that big."

"Are you kidding me?"

" you want to see your room?"

"That would be great!"

As Josh leaded me down the hallway and took a left turn and the a right turn and then down another hallway they down some swirley stairs.

"Where is my map?"


"This is so confusing how do you guys not get lost!"

Josh didn't answer. Typical him. Once down the swirley stairs,  Josh opened a tiny hidden door. I wasn't sure why he was opening it but then noticed he was disapearing into it and that I should probably catch up to him. It was a straight hallway that led to anothe small secret door that led to the closet in my room.

"You were originally going to be sharing s room with my sisters but I think it is better for you to have your own room."

"Thank you so much I  can't stand when I have to share a room."

Josh obviously didn't care about what I was saying because he was leaving through the big main door before I could finish my sentance. I started to unpack and noticed I was hungry considering I hadn't eaten a lot on the trip to London. I open the main door, confident that I could find my way to the kitchen. I saw some stairs at the end of the short hallway. I slowly and sneakily krept down the hall and started up the stairs. I could hear talking and heard the mention of my name. I couldn't tell who was talking because the voices were quiet and hesitated. I wanted to know what was being said about me and most of all who was in the conversation.

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