Do I Really Love You?

Emily Carters (19) is having a hard time getting over her mom dying and having to live with her stepdad Mike which is the last person she wants to be living with permanantly. The worst thing she has to go through is living with 6 other kids in a house with only one bathroom. Emily can't stand little kids, which is horrible considering 3 of the 6 other kids are younger than 10 years old. One day Josh (Mikes oldest son) brings Emily to a band rehersal and Emily is greeted by the cutest irish blondy. Read to find out what happens!


3. Off To London

Mike's P.O.V

I'm surprised that Em wants to come to London with my family so soon. We gave her as long as she wanted but she said that all she needed was 1 week. My plan was ripped into a million pieces when she said that. My son Josh is in a stupid band and I'm sick of him leaving home so much to go to concerts to not even be recognized. When I ask him how work was he looks to the floor and looks terribly sad. I was planning on staying in CT for a while so that the band would get mad at him for missing so many rehearsals but of course not, he gets to go and not miss one rehearsal. Anyway the week was comming to an end and Emily has yet to pack. I'm starting to think that Emily is thinking too much about the move. She seems very hesatant, maybe she doesn't know what to pack or maybe one of her friends are going to bring her shopping before she leaves. I really hope Emily likes my house in London, she will have a great time there especially since she has to share a room with two of my daughters, Ally (4) and Julie (6). My kids are (in age order) Jason (3), Ally, Mark (5), Julie, Kristen (15), and Josh (19). I should probably get Emily to start packing considering were leaving in two days.

Emily's P.O.V

I hear Mike call up to me, "Em sweety I think you should start to pack for the move." Ew. I forgot I was moving in with that grizzley bear of a person. When I say grizzley bear I'm refering to him being hairy, scary and wild...  not even the good kind of wild. "Okay", I shout down. I step out of my room just to be tackled by Mark. "OW, MARK WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM." I think I yelled a little to loud because I can see the tears starting to form in his small, brown eyes. " Oh sorry Mark I didn't mean to yell I'm just not in a good mood right now", and I hate kids.  I don't mention the part about me disliking kids, I keep it to myself. Anyway I continue to the walk in closet at the end of the hall. I'm going to miss this house while I'm living with the monster. I flip the light on in the closet. I find my suitcase and lug it to my room forgetting it has wheels. When I get to my room I flop the suitecase on my bed and grab all my clothes out of my closet. I didn't have a lot of clothes because I didn't need a lot of clothes all I need are cute clothes and a washer and dryer. After cleaning out my closet I noticed I have about 10 shirts, 5 tank tops, 15 pairs of  pants, 5 pairs of shorts, and 4 pairs of pjs. My clothes barley took up any of the space in the suitecase so I decided to pack my sheets and comforter from my bed so it would feel  like home. I scurry to the bathroom making sure that I check the hallway before exiting my room. I grab my makeup bag and make sure I have all of my makeup in there because Kristen likes to use my makeup a lot. Everythings there. I grab my washcloth, shampoo, conditioner and razor from the shower. I know it's crazy to bring all of these things but I don't want to have to buy all new stuff. I collect my straigthener, blow dryer, curling iron and all the important hair products I have. I put everything in a huge bag and hurry back to my room. I start to rustle through my bin fillled with bags to find something to put all my jewlery in. I finnaly find the perfect bag that is actually a jewlery bag.... yes I have a jewlery bag. It is very long so that you can put your necklaces in and they all have their own place so nothing gets tangled. For earings they have places for       non-dangley earring and a place for dangley earrings. I finally finish packing my jewlery then I head downstars for food. Josh is at the microwave when I go into the kitchen. "Whaccha makin' Joshy?" "Chips and Cheese, you want some?" "Yeah sure thanks!" "No problem girlie, hey do you want to come to my rehearsal since no one else is going to be home that day?" "ABSOLUTLY I'LL GO WITH YOU!!!!!!!! Where is everyoen else going to be?" "Mark and Jason are going to a birthday party for their friends with Kristen, Julie and Ally have dance which Kristen is missing to go to the party and my dad is going out with some friends to go bowling." Wow that sounds like a busy day of driving for your dad condsidering that you and him are the only drivers." " Well sadly im on pick up duty." "That stinks." "Totally, cuz me and Lilly (his girlfriend) wanted to go to dinner with you." "No one explained any of these plans to me!" "Don't worry Lee we just want to make you feel included. We know moving in is going to be hard so we want to try to make it as fun as it could be." I think about what Josh was telling me, then I remember, "When can I meet One Direction?" He knew I was going to ask this sooner or later. "When I have reharsal next week, I think it's on Tuesday." "Okay!" Today was Thursday so I only had to wait 5 days. They are going to be the longest 5 days of my life. I've always wanted to know what it was like to live in London. Josh has such an amazing life. I'm jealous. He's in a relationship, he has a huge house (sadly it only has one or two bathrooms), he has his own car, he's rich, and he works for One Direction. My favorite from One Direction is Niall. He is just too adorable but the chances of us ever falling in love are 1 in ... I can't even count that high. "Joshy?" "Yes Lee?" "What's Niall like?" "He is always laughing", I start shreikeing and fangirling at the mention of Niall's laugh "and he is always eating." Sounds just like the Niall I love. "Have you ever mentioned me to One Direction?" "Yeah a bunch of times they have been begging me to bring you to rehearsals  so that they can meet you." I automatically loose it and start screaming. "Maybe I shouldn't bring you in." "NO I CAN BE CALM!" I did NOT want to ruin my chances to meet my idols.

Friday Night

Josh's P.O.V

This is the last hour Lee will be in her house until she lives in Lodon. I'm worried she won't like it when she first move. I know Em too well. She will be so excited for only so much longer until we actualy get to my house and when everyone is going to go to bed she will be sitting up in bed quietly hiding her tears from the little ones tossing and turning in their beds. I almost forgot! Em hates little kids, what is she going to do when she finds out she has to share a room with two of them. Anyway I can hear her talking to herself behind her closed door. I sneakily lean against the door to hear more clearly what she's saying. I think she was on the phone... then I know she's on the phone when I hear her mention her friends name. "Stacy, I know your going through hard times right now but you just have to deal for now. I need help. How am I supposed to make new friends in London if it's almost summer. You know what  I don't even want new friends I mean I have Josh and his siblings. Plus if I'm lucky I maybe, just maybe I'll become friends with One Direction. I am no longer just a normal girl from Connecticut... I am about to get a whole different life." Silence. I feel a hand on my shoulder and turn around to see my father standing behind me. "Josh I would like to go in and talk to Emily and I would'nt like you trying to stick your ear through the door." "Okay sorry dad."

Mike's P.O.V

I walk slowly into Emily's  room and notice she is on the phone. "Who are ya talking to?" "My friend Stacy but I think we are done talking now." Emily takes the phone away from her ear and puts her finger on the end button but hesitates to push it. After a minute or two she presses the button and avoids eye contact with me. "Are you ready to live in London?" "I guess." "What do you mean I guess." I really didn't know. I don't understand the way teens talk these days. "I'm nervous." "Why." "I have never been to London before and now I live there." "I know you aren't a fan of change but I promise you, you will love being in London." "Okay Thanks." "No problem Kiddo. Oh I would get any last things packed up we have to leave here in 20 minutes." "Alrighty!" She sounded excited... then again I don't know her as well as I should. I have a feeling that part of her fear of living with me and my family in London is that she isn't comfortable with me yet even though i've known her for a lot of years. We never really did talk that much.

Emily's P.O.V

It was time. We were off and soon I would be on a plane going to my new home. I don't know if I'm scared, excited, happy, or nervous. All I know is that I can't wait to meet One Direction.

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