Do I Really Love You?

Emily Carters (19) is having a hard time getting over her mom dying and having to live with her stepdad Mike which is the last person she wants to be living with permanantly. The worst thing she has to go through is living with 6 other kids in a house with only one bathroom. Emily can't stand little kids, which is horrible considering 3 of the 6 other kids are younger than 10 years old. One day Josh (Mikes oldest son) brings Emily to a band rehersal and Emily is greeted by the cutest irish blondy. Read to find out what happens!


2. Looking Back At The Past

Emily's P.O.V

I couldn't believe it! Josh WORKS with ONE DIRECTION! Do you know what this means?!? "Joshy?" I used my really cute voice hoping he would do what I was about to ask him. "Yes Lee Lee?" Yes!! It worked he called me Lee Lee. That's my nickname he used to call me when we were little. I know what you're thinking. How could've you two known each other. Well my parents got a divorce when I was one and Mike was mommy's best friend. He helped her work out all her problems. Daddy still stayed with us in the house because our family was very poor and my parents couldn't both pay for their own houses so they decided to be divorced in the same house. Mike's rented house is two houses up the block from my house and he would stay there every summer all summer. I loved when Mike was there in the summer and was married to Lucy. Lucy is Josh's mom. She was the nicest lady I ever met. Also when Mike was married to her he was just as nice as her. I know it sounds hard to believe but its true. They got divorced when Josh and I were 7. My mom and Mike started dating when I turned 10. Dad was planning out when he was going to leave with Leo who was 14. He had plans of getting pregnant with his girlfriend at age 16. He decided to steal money saved for paying bills to help with when they were going to have the baby. I guess they were taking after my parents because they were 16 when they had Leo and 20 when they had me. When Leo told dad that mom and I were stealing the money to spend on stupid things instead of using our own money thats when the decision was final that they were leaving. Dad got so furious he told Leo to grab what was important to him and they stormed out the door. All I heard was the skreeching of cars then i heard my dad's life go. A loud crash that i could hear over my little 7 year old screams and crys. My mother was so mad at my father she thought he deserved to die but I honestly think she was being a complete bitch. I obviously had different thoughts of my mother at age 7 but now that I remember she has just died and we were still in a private room in the hospital. Me, Josh, Mike, and the other kids.

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