Do I Really Love You?

Emily Carters (19) is having a hard time getting over her mom dying and having to live with her stepdad Mike which is the last person she wants to be living with permanantly. The worst thing she has to go through is living with 6 other kids in a house with only one bathroom. Emily can't stand little kids, which is horrible considering 3 of the 6 other kids are younger than 10 years old. One day Josh (Mikes oldest son) brings Emily to a band rehersal and Emily is greeted by the cutest irish blondy. Read to find out what happens!


1. Bye Mom

Emilys P.O.V

"Mom don't worry I'll be fine" I lied. Mike is the worst stepdad ever. Since my mom is on her death bed I don't mention my feelings for Mike. I catch myself telling my mom I love her every 5 minutes. She faintly speaks and tells me to get Mike's kids. Great, the last people I want to see right now. Mike has 6 kids, 7 counting me. The only one I liked was Josh Mike's oldest son. I didn't have a crush on him... that would be all kinds of wrong. He has a girlfriend anyway. I can honeslty say i hate her more than Mike. I noticed my mother asked me to do something and hurry the rest of the way to get the kids. It's hard for me to be friends with the kids because they live in London and have a rented house here in Connecticut where my mom and I live. When I got all the kids to my mother she said she had some "good" news for us. This terrible day just got even worse than it ever could. Because of my mothers news I finally started crying and noticed that my mother also started crying now. I knew she wouldn't be here much longer and it just came to me that this wasn't a dream my mom was really about to leave me and make me move in with god damn Mike. I'm 19, I should be able to handle my mother dying. I can't. I burst into tears at the sound of my mothers terrible cough. It got so bad everyone had to evacuate the room. " YOU CAN'T TAKE ME FROM MY MOTHER!" I was yelling at the workers. I got so upset I had to be carried by 3 workers out of the room. I couldn't believe I was acting like this. As I was being carried, face wet and red from my outburst that was still happening, I saw Mike and his kids all sitting in the room right at the end of the hall. Instead of entering the room we turned a corner and went into a special private room. "WHY AM I IN HERE?" I yelled so loud that workers had to come in and calm me down. "We think it's better for you to be alone right now."I think this man is crazy. "Bring me to my stepdad now" I demanded. As they started to decline my demand I stood up and screamed NOW! Instantly workers escorted me to where Mike and the kids were. Automatically Josh bolted over to me. When his warm arms wrapped around me I sobbed into his strong chest. When he noticed I calmed down a little he started to speak.

Josh's P.O.V

When I saw the workers drag Emily past our room I stood up and vigorusly and  started walking taking big strides in my steps. A giant arm swooped in my way stopping me. "Sit down now." "Dad where ae they taking her!" "Don't worry about it." This is why I hate him. I sat thinking the whole time wondering what they were doing to Emily. I loved her, more than just a stepsister. We have a bond that could never be broken. When I noticed I couldn't comfort her like her older brother never did I burst. She didn't have anyone left but my evil father. She doesn't like to talk about it, but her brother and dad left her and her mom after they thought that Emily and Cathy (Em's mom) were using the money that was paying for their house to buy things for themselves instead of using the money they were earning from work. It was a complete lie. The truth was that Leo (Em's brother) was using the money to pay for him and his girlfrends baby that only they knew she was having. She must feel like she's in a living hell. I looked up and saw it. The most beautiful face I could ever see. I stood right up and ran right to Em. I trapped her in a big hug leaving her no choice but to hug me back. I felt something wet on my chest and noticed that Emily was shedding tears while digging her face in my chest. When she picked her head up and seemed to have calmed down a little I decided to speak. "Are you okay?" What was I thinking of course she wasn't her mother was dying right in front of her and her brother is having a baby and left while I was just informed that her father actually died on the leaving her house. "No" I hear Em say through sobs. "Don't worry if my family doesn't want to stay here in CT I will stay here with you and make sure you are fully okay with comming and living in London." "Thank you Joshy you don't know how much I will miss CT but don't you have to go to London to reherse with your band?" She was right I did need to rehearse with my band but she was more important. "You're more imporant." "No Josh I will only go to London if we go as soon as you need to be with your band, I want to meet them anyway." "Okay that means you have a week to say goodby to your friends." I paused for a moment then added, "If you aren't ready we can go back in three weeks which is my next rehearsal with the boys." "Who's the boys?" I knew she would ask that. "Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn." Emily's face lit up. "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME YOU WORK WITH ONE DIRECTION I'M GOING TO KILL YOU OMG YOU ARE SOO LYING STOP IT STOP IT RIGHT NOW!!!" Whoops I forgot I work with the most famous boy band in the world.

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