Love isn't just a word

One Direction is the typical band, they are rich, famous and basically have everything a boy wants. One day, they have to leave their superstar life to return to school, and something interesting happens...
It is my first writing, please help me to improve :)


1. The meeting

*Louis' Pov*

Paul called us for another boring meeting, and I'm in charge of waking the boys up. Liam, Niall and Harry are always the easiest ones, but at one point I'll have to go to Zayn's room. How I hate this days.

For my surprise, Niall was already up. He said that he could wake up Liam and Harry while I went to Zayn's bedroom. Why is it always me? Like you may notice, Zayn is a hopeless sleeping addict, if he could, maybe he would sleep until late afternoon, but I couldn´t let him do that, not today, because I knew that this day's meeting would be a little different, I hope it is good.


*Niall's Pov*

I woke up Liam and Harry and then went to the kitchen to make some breakfast. Louis seemed a little tense today, is it because of the meeting? 

"Breakfast is ready lads!" I screamed. Immediately I heard Liam and Harry rushing towards the table. Where are Louis and Zayn? They never miss breakfast!


*Zayn's Pov*

"Zayn?" I heard Louis call. "MALIK! WAKE UP IN THIS EXACT SECOND OR I WILL BREAK YOUR SPECIAL COMB!" "Ok Lou, I am already up!" "Good! Because we have an important meeting with Paul today, and it´s urgent, so get your lazy ass out of bed and have breakfast with us"

I lazily got up and walked towards the kitchen. When I arrived, I noticed that Niall, Liam and Harry had already finished, so I sat on the table and waited for Niall to give me a plate.

"Good morning sleeping beauty!" Liam said with a big smile on his face. Harry looked at him with amusement and said "Ok boys, we have to be in SyCo at 10 o' clock and it´s almost 9:30, so we'll have to rush".

Great! I didn´t even finished my breakfast.


*Harry's Pov*

We arrived to the meeting exactly on time, and our manager Paul was already sitting in the conference room. "Sit down boys" he said. We immediately sat down, and a minute later our drummer, Josh, arrived too.

"We called you here today, because we have an important announcement for you guys" Paul started. I saw Louis' face tense up a little bit. "We want you six to return to school"

"Wha-wha-what??" Louis said, with panic in his voice. "Didn´t we finished our school days last year with our tutor?"

"Yeah you did, but he told us that you weren´t capable of dealing with normal people without feeling like superstars" Paul said firmly.

"WE ARE SUPERSTARS, DON´T YOU GET IT?" Lou started yelling, Liam and I immediately calmed him down. "I'm sorry Paul, but my school years weren´t exactly paradise, but we'll give it a try!" Lou finished.

"It's decided, next monday you will attend New Hampshire International School in Manchester" Paul said. "Me too?" Josh replied. "Yes, you can help this guys to be better".

"Ok" Josh sighed

It will be a long week starting Monday.

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