Love isn't just a word

One Direction is the typical band, they are rich, famous and basically have everything a boy wants. One day, they have to leave their superstar life to return to school, and something interesting happens...
It is my first writing, please help me to improve :)


5. Music Class part 1

*Niall's Pov*

"What kind of deal?" I replied. He smiled. "Maybe you and I could be allies, like Bonnie and Clyde!" he said, with a smirk on his face. Lou liked my sister, which was kind of awkward, but he had given me permission to date Ana, and it was great! 



*Fanny's Pov*

While Ana and I were talking to Harry, I saw Nialler and Lou talking. Lou is cute! but my brother won't let me date him because they are friends.

"Harry, have you seen your sister yet?" I said to keep my mind out of Lou for a moment. "Actually no, I don't know where she is, but I'm more interested in someone else" he said looking at Liam and Dayann. "Is it perhaps Liam?" Ana said laughing. "My god Annie, you are in fact like your brother! Same joker attitude!" Harry replied laughing too "You both girls know that I love Dayann "Well, you'll have to work very hard to get her this time" I said.

Harry has a crush on Dayann since he met her, and Dayann doesn´t dislike him at all, but she was heartbroken when Hazza started dating Caroline Flack. We all girls know that he still has a great chance with Dayann, but we thought it would be fun if we make Hazz do all kind of stupid things to get his love.

After break was over, Nialler, Ana, Hazza, Dayann, Lou and me went to our next class: Music. When we entered, Niall asked Ana if she would like to sit next to him, and she agreed. I think they make a really cool couple, they should be together.

I turned to Lou to see if he had a problem with this issue, but he was talking peacefully with Harry. Suddenly, I felt that someone tapped my shoulder, when I turned I saw Monse, Harry's sister, and I hugged her. "Monse! Where have you been?" I asked her. "In biology, duh!" she laughed. "Haha, sorry, I forgot you had that class, I've been... distracted". "Everyone's been distracted today, It looks like a celebrity has come or something" she replied.

"Maybe it's because of me babe" someone said behind her. "ED!" she shouted. Ed Sheeran is Monse's boyfriend. "I don't think it is because of you love, you've been studying here for almost a year" she replied with a giggle. "I know which celebrity has come it's On.." "Shut up Sheeran!" I said.


*Monse's Pov*

Fanny and Ed are being so mysterious that I'm certain they are hiding something, and I have to find out what it is. It will be easy, especially in this time of the day, because all the school has the same Music class, and if a celebrity has come, I would find out immediately.

Right after Ed goes to pick a seat for us, I see my friends Maria Devine, Diana Malik and Karen Daley along with Miriam. "Hi girls!" I say "There is someone missing, have you seen Ana?" "She came here early, along with Fanny, Dayann, Niall, Louis and your brother" Miriam replied. I forgot that my brother was going to be here, my mom told me yesterday.

"So, all of One Direction is here huh?" I said. "Yep" Harry said. "Hey, Hazz! How are you?" I said with a cheeky smile "Looking for Ed Sheeran, I found out you two are dating and I wanted to give him a piece of advice on you" he said and winked. "Do not ruin it Styles" I said, rolling my eyes. "I wont Styles" he replied laughing.

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