Love isn't just a word

One Direction is the typical band, they are rich, famous and basically have everything a boy wants. One day, they have to leave their superstar life to return to school, and something interesting happens...
It is my first writing, please help me to improve :)


2. First day of school


*Liam's Pov*

This is it! We've arrived to school. I didn´t remember it this crowded, I'm starting to feel dizzy, is it normal?

"One Direction?" we hear a voice say. "Yes!" Harry said with excitement. "I'm your principal, Mrs. Jones".

"Hi" we all said, but instantly felt that something was missing. "Where's Josh?" Louis asked. "OF COURSE! Our little Joshie isn´t here!" Niall yelled.

"Mr. Devine is already in class, he arrived earlier" Mrs. Jones said. Well, we'll see him at lunch. "Guys, follow me this way to your class".

We arrived to a big classroom, Mrs. Jones knocked on the door and a tall, blond man answered, his name was Mr. Vega. He pointed at our seats, I had to seat with Harry, Louis had to seat with Josh, and Zayn and Niall had to sit with some girls.


*Niall's Pov*

Mr. Vega, our English teacher said that I had to seat with a girl in the back desk. I smiled and went to my seat. "Hi! I'm Niall Horan" I said to her. When she turned to me, I saw immediately who he was, Louis' sister, Ana. "Hahaha I know". "Sorry Ana, didn´t see it was you" I haven´t seen Ana in such a long time, and I can say she is getting cute! Oh no, I can´t like her, she is one of my best friend's sister. Wow, she is in fact beautiful, she is short, with brown, long hair and cute eyes. Mr. Vega started the lesson, and then I realized I didn't have my books. I asked Ana if we could share her activity book and she said yes. She is so cute! But I just can't date her. Why does it have to be this hard?


*Zayn's Pov*

Mr Vega pointed to a seat next to a girl, she was cute, but I can't think of any other girl than Perrie. Perrie was my  girlfriend, we broke up two months ago, but I still like her. When I arrived to the seat, I decided to be polite and say hi. "Hello, I'm Zayn Malik, what's your name cutie pie?" The girl looked up at me and blushed. "Hi, I'm Miriam Sykes" Sykes? She is Nathan Sykes' sister?

Why does he has to be that guy's sister, he is like our worst enemy, I don´t like it at all.


*Louis' Pov*

I was talking with Josh during class, and I decided to see what the guys were doing. Liam and Harry were talking about some movies, Zayn was concentrating in his work and Niall is talking to a girl, she looks familiar. I turned back to talk to Josh and then I realized it, the girl Niall is taking to is my sister?, What is she doing here? I have to talk to her before she tries something with him.

"Ana Tomlinson?" I called.

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