Love isn't just a word

One Direction is the typical band, they are rich, famous and basically have everything a boy wants. One day, they have to leave their superstar life to return to school, and something interesting happens...
It is my first writing, please help me to improve :)


4. Family Issues

*Louis' Pov*

"Oh, Hi Lou! Haven't seen you in a while! How's everything?" Ana said, with her lovely smile. I can't lie, I was really happy that I could see her again, I missed my family like crazy. "What are you doing here?" I replied. "One Direction parents have a deal remember? Us brothers and sisters had to go to the same school, so we could have a little peace, it turns out that our parents had to choose this one because it was the best of the best hahaha". For the first time since Paul announced this crazy "educational" plan, I thought of the possibility that this school was chosen by our parents. Great.

"So Ana, you will not ask why are we here?". I saw her facial expression change to an even bigger smile. "Nope, not at all! I know exactly why you are here" she laughed. I suddenly turned to the boys and saw Niall looking at her as if she was the prettiest girl in the world and I felt the urgency to punch him in the face.

"Ana! Can you come?" I heard a voice say. I turned and saw the most magical and beautiful face in the world. "Ana, who is she?" I whispered. "It's Fanny Horan, remember?" OMG! SHE IS NIALL'S SISTER! I can't like her because it's like the first rule of friends, but on the other hand, he had already broke that one.

"Sister!" Niall screamed. "Brother!" Fanny screamed too and he embraced her in a hug. I know why Fanny is so cute, she is a Horan, and almost by rule Horans are cutie pies. "So Ana, which other 1D sister is your friend?" I said to change the subject. "Actually, all of them!"

"So my sister is here?" Liam yelled. "Dayann Payne is in fact here Daddy Direction!" Ana said with a strange accent. "Wow Boobear, she has your character" Harry said. "And you haven't seen nothing peasant" Ana joked in his Doncaster accent. I miss Doncaster :(


*Zayn's Pov*

I brought Ana apart of the boys, because I had something important to tell her. "Hi Annie!" I said. "Hi Zaynie" she said. "Uhm, I was wondering if you were friends with this girl I like" I whispered to her, so the others couldn't hear. "Well, what is her name? Is it the girl you sit next to?" She whispered. "Actually yes, her name is Miriam Sykes". I saw a grin appear on her face "Yes, I'm her friend, in fact I can introduce you two right now" she replied.

I tried to say no, but she had already called her and she was coming right to us. "Hi Miriam, this guy right here is" "Zayn Malik, I know" Miriam interrupted, smiling. "I'll leave you alone then" Ana said and then left.

We are now in an awkward silence. "So what are you guys doing here?" Miriam said. "Our manager thought it would be a good idea if we returned to school and finish our studies."I said in a tired voice. "Now that you mention it, my brother said something about this, and that he was returning to the school too, Hope he doesn't get in any trouble with you guys." she said. She is such a sweetheart, I like her so much, but Perrie keeps coming to my mind. I don't know what to do.


*Dayann's Pov*

Right after I finished my Biology class, I rushed to Ana, Miriam and Fanny's English class. The first thing I saw when I entered was Miriam talking to a tanned boy. "Miriam! Hooking up with someone?" I said with a grin on my face. "Maybe?" she replied. "You can get someone too Dayann, just wait!" the boy said, and then turned to me. "OMG! ZAYN!!" I yelled and hugged him. "Maybe you should go and say hi to your brother!" he said. "My brother is HERE?!?!"

"Yes I am!" I heard Liam say, behind me.


*Niall's Pov*

While Liam surprised Dayann and Harry was talking to the girls, Louis turned to me. "We need to talk about our sisters. You obviously like my sister and I honestly think Fanny is cute, so why don't we make a deal?" he said. "What kind of deal?" I replied. He smiled.




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