Everything About You

Emily isn't very popular. The kids at school avoid her because of some stupid rumor her ex spread. Then Emily meets Liam. Liam helps her forget everything and soon her life becomes his.


2. Justin

Liam and I spent the rest of the day together, we talked all during class and maybe even got in trouble but I didnt't care because I had a friend! The last bell rang and we walked out to the parking lot.

"Can I have a ride home?" Liam asked looking at the ground.

"Of couase," I respnded and led him to my little bug which I thought would be too small for him. It was a perfect size for me casue I was short, only 5'1 but Liam was taller. I unlocked my car and put my backpack into the trunk and Liam put his there too. He got into the passanger seat and even with the seat all the way back his legs hit the dash board. I slid into the drivers seat and looked at Liams squeshed legs and laughed. "How do you drive such a small car?" he asked.

"Im fun sized, I don't need a lot of room!" I told him and he started laughing.

"What the hell is fun sized?" he asked.

"I say im fun sized because I don't like to be called short," I protested.

Liam laughed and we continued to talk while I drove. I pulled into his driveway and Liam got out.

"Do you wanna come in?" he asked. I blushed again and got out of the car.

Liam grabbed his backpack and I locked my car as Liam went to unlock the front door. He held the front door open for me and I smiled in response. Liam's house was smaller than I would've thought. The front area was just a narrow hallway with a small closet for jackets by the front door. At the end of the hall I could see the family room and kitchen, and just off of the living room was another hallway which I assumed went to the bed rooms. 

"Mum I'm home!" Liam called out as he hung up his jacket in the closet and walked down the hallway. I followed him slowly. A lady a bit shorted than Liam but taller than me poked her head around the corner and smiled when she saw me.

"I see you brought a friend home," she said and I smiled. "So I'm going to assume that your first day went well?" the lady asked looking at Liam.

"Yes I did mum," Liam said going up and hugging her. "Mum I would like you to meet Emily. Emily this is my mum," Liam said introducing us.

"Its nice to meet you Mrs. Payne," I said quietly.

"Oh please call me Karen!" Liam mum piped. I smiled at her and looked at Liam.

"Emily and I are just going to hang out for a bit. Is that alright?" Liam asked his mum who nodded her approval. Liam motioned for me to follow him and I did. He led me to his room where he slung his bag onto the ground.

Liam's room was pretty bare. A twin bed sat underneath the only window and a dresser sat across from that and a small work table was next to the bed. Liam sat down on the bed and looked at me.

"What do you want to do?" he asked me. I shrugged. I hadn't hung out with anyone in such a long time that I seriously didn't know what to say. "I know!" Liam said sitting up. "Lets go to the park! I love going to the park!" Liam yelled jumping up and heading out the door. I followed him and nodded in agreement. He led me out the front door and we walked mostly in silence down the street. Soon a large green area came into view. Liam and I looked at each other and started to run towards the large play-set.

We both reached it at the same time. Liam made a beeline towards the swings whereas I went for the slide. I slide down the twisty slide a few times before I ran over to the swings and hopped onto the open swing next to Liam. I started to pump my legs but I wasn't going anywhere. Liam hopped off his swing and came up behind me and started to push me. We both laughed and soon I was going so high I could see the tops of the houses. I laughed some more. Then I heard someone yell my name. I stopped laughing for a second then heard the call again. I stopped pumping and slowed down. As I came to a stop I jumped off the swing and looked around for who was calling me. On top of the play-set was a tall boy. He was muscular and I could tell who it was immediately. It was Justin. Liam looked at me and I moved toward him.

"That my ex," I whispered to Liam and Liam nodded in understanding. Justin jumped off of the platform and strode over to me.

"So this must be the boy who you cheated on me with," Justin sneered.

"Come on Justin, you know that's not how it happened," I told him.

"I know that's not how it happened but that doesn't matter because everyone else believes that's how it happened."

"You lied me and now you've lied to the whole school," I said but Justin only laughed.

"So?" Justin asked. "I don't care sweetheart. Your only a piece of filth and the rest of the school is too. Everyone is so easy to manipulate." Justin spit onto the ground. I looked over at Liam and I could see him role his hand into a fist.

"Take that back," Liam spoke softly.

"What was that dork?' Justin asked looking at Liam.

"I said. Take. It. Back." Liam spoke slowly. I could tell by his facial expression that he wanted to punch Justin. I grabbed onto his arm and Liam looked down at me.

"Don't, he's not worth it," I whispered.

"He called you filth, I'm not just going to let him get away with it," Liam responded. 

"You couldn't punch me!" Justin cut in and Liam glared at him.

"Liam," I tugged at his stiff arm trying to break his glare at Justin. "Liam lets just go," I said once he looked down at me. He nodded and took my hand.

"Weak!" Justin yelled after us and I felt the muscles in Liam arm tense up but he never turned back.

"Why is he so mean to you?" Liam asked looking down at me, letting go of my hand. I slightly wished he would keep holding it.

"He's my ex. I broke up with him because I found out he was cheating on me. He didn't like it so he started to spread rumors about me, which you've already heard," I said looking up at Liam. He nodded and I could tell he was about to say something else but I didn't want to talk about Justin or any of that crap. "Lets not talk about all of this," I pleaded and Liam nodded in understanding. 

"Wanna watch a movie?" he asked as we walked up to his driveway.

"Sure, what movie?"

"How 'bout Toy Story?"

I laughed and nodded. That's just the kind of movie I needed right now; a funny cartoon to help me forget it all just for a few hours.

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